Hooray for the new fluffy!

Feral cat Nimrod does not look especially pleased with his new fluffy just yet. A new warmie just like this Slumber Pet Thermal Cat Mat arrived a little later than first expected, but now it is installed in his little house in the garden. Nim’s house is much like this Precision Pet Outback Log Cabin Dog House

It is large enough for an inner insulated cabin made from an old two drawer chest, plus a lounge he can sit in and watch the world while sitting on top of a sofa cushion and – now – his new warmie! It is easy to get Nim to move out for long enough to upgrade his bed. All you have to do is say “Hello!” and he is off into the bushes, this of course being the reason he is still an outdoor cat despite regular meals and friendly voices…

Nim’s indoor bed in the garage was upgraded and washed this weekend. His thermal igloo now sits on top of a carpet, a layer of bubble wrap, and a sofa cushion. Behind it is more bubble wrap, secured with a trestle frame, and another sofa cushion. Draped over it is a bolster pillow that had developed ambitions to split in two, just like an amoeba, but was thwarted in its reproduction by a thick cotton outer cover! It is my hope that Nimrod shelters for the Winter in the garage bed, but if not at least he will be warm and draught proofed in his kennel.

It breaks my heart to think of what these feral cats must go through in the cold, and what must have driven them to be so scared of humans. We do what we can for Nim – it never seems enough – but to bring him in would certainly risk passing disease onto our rescue Persians who are indoor kitties now and have compromised immunity by virtue of overbreeding…

Must go… it is soon going to be dark and Nim will be shouting for his Noms…

Helping the Feral Cat – and an Obstacle courtesy of inefficient Carriers!

Nimrod is a semi-feral cat He or she (we can’t get close enough to look) loves living wild and appreciates the handouts we give but won’t come near. That causes me heartache – if I could vet Nimrod and give him the all clear he could become an indoor kitty like the three Persimews. No such luck.

This time of year I worry about how cold he must be. We bought him a kennel and that has an internal box insulated with bubble wrap and some old pillows. He likes his house, but with snow approaching I wanted to buy him a Self-Warming Pet Crate Pad to lay on. Amazon to the rescue of course and I decided to try the express delivery.

Then carriers DPD came into the equation. We stayed in – two wide awake adults in a small house, the front door open onto the porch. No knock, no ring, a grunt on the phone so short it didn’t even register a message and an email from DPD saying they couldn’t deliver because we were out. I didn’t know they had even attempted to deliver until I read those emails saying we had been out!

Now I had that problem with DPD once before – they delivered an Ebay parcel to a house the other side of the village with a similar address to mine. I never even knew until the lady phoned me. This time, said lady must have been out or still asleep because they certainly didn’t come here.

When I phoned, what followed was 15 minutes of circular argument. “Our driver knocked, he rang the bell, you were out, he left a card, he waited 5 minutes, he even rang the depot for your number and called you”. Again, and again all we got was defensive mantras backing up the driver’s rather shabby little story… NO WAY could their driver be lying or mistaken. What part of “perhaps he tried the wrong house” didn’t they get???

DPD’s customer service in this instance was so awful I rang Amazon in desperation. I love Amazon – this is the first ever late delivery and usually their things arrive days if not weeks early! The really helpful Amazon assistant got back to them and again, they went talking round in circles to him! Amazon however showed why I personally use them again and again. It is NOT uncommon apparently for carriers to let them down and blame the customers. He refunded my postage plus a little more as compensation for loss of time. On Monday I am to phone again if the parcel has not been delivered.

Nimrod meanwhile has inherited an extra cushion and the double bolster pillow from my bed until his new warmie shows up!


Chancing your luck….

The Cat, the Bat and the Owl Posters
The Cat, the Bat and the Owl Posters by persimew

Lucky black cats? This time of year black cats get a lot of press coverage don’t they? Some say they are lucky, some say just the opposite, but on the subject of luck there are lots of experts and no real substance. The Cat, the Bat and the Owl are here to remind you of a few basic things, and to show you a few pretty things too, as is our job…

Bastet Pendant - Collectible Medallion Necklace Accessory Jewelry
Bastet Pendant – Collectible Medallion Necklace Accessory Jewelry
Bastet – Egyptian Cat God… If you love black cats you’ll adore this!
Bastet Pendant - Collectible Medallion Necklace Accessory Jewelry price

Luck is very much to do with Gratitude A grateful person looks at life in a particularly positive way. They are likely to be prepared to seize opportunities that would frighten others, they expect success because they perceive themselves as successful and because they view life in a positive way others see them in a positive way. Perhaps what others see is luck then is merely perception? If you are interested in the power of positivity and you like poetry, this book might be something you enjoy!

Other people design their lives and homes around lucky objects, like these Maneki Neko Cats It may be that doing so increases their confidence so they they can trust that all important intuition. Ever had a feeling about not going out? Mummy has a couple of times – once she ignored that feeling and wrote her car off, another time when she wanted to leave work she kept inexplicably finding excuses just to hang around and she left 15 minutes later than usual. On the way home she saw where an overturned car had slid across the road and taken out a solid wall! Later she found out this happened at the time she would normally have been driving along that road. Had she followed her usual habit of leaving right on time she would have probably been injured, possibly even killed.

So intuition may in fact be something else… Why not? All time coexists after all!

On that note, leaving you with a few lucky cats!

Japanese sake set Fortune cat maneki neko Blk
Japanese sake set Fortune cat maneki neko Blk
Delightful Japanese sake set decorated with fortune cats. Bring your guests good luck at the end of a meal!
Japanese sake set Fortune cat maneki neko Blk price

Stone Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Sculpture
Stone Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Sculpture
This little cat reminds us of Woolls – we were so lucky to have Woolls in our lives!
Stone Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Sculpture price

StealStreet Maneki Neko Money Lucky Cat Chinese Japanese Statue
StealStreet Maneki Neko Money Lucky Cat Chinese Japanese Statue
How could you look at that little guy and not feel positive> What a cute face he has!
StealStreet Maneki Neko Money Lucky Cat Chinese Japanese Statue

Is there a familiar ring about her paw?

The three wise Persimews are here to ask “Is it just me, or is there a familiar ring about her paw?” Travel the world seeking wisdom as we do and it becomes obvious that the greatest civilizations are those who honour or worship the Cat! This is such a fundamental part of good human behaviour that many will wear a cat ring or two to celebrate their love for all things feline! Our mummy and chief servant of the feline household wrote this page Beautiful Cat Rings celebrating some of those wonderful ideas but we wanted to give you the paws up on a few more kitty rings we feel sure you would enjoy looking at!


If you enjoyed those, you might enjoy looking through some more pretty cat jewelry!

Here are some Cat Necklaces

If Swarovski is your thing, try these lovely Cat Brooches

And last but certainly not least, some Cat Earrings

Have fun, but above all, keep purring!

Dignified Black Cat Figurines….

Once known variously as Puddly or Rufus, it took some time for the humans in my street to recognise my true Divine Being as an incarnation of the Ancient Egyptian Cat God Bastet, for this I forgave them.

During this incarnation they fed me well and I was allowed to dictate who would sit where and who would sleep beside me. That is the greatest part of feline duties, occasionally I would attempt to teach them the intricacies of the hunt, but they were quite useless. Again, I forgave them, especially when they would fill my home with feline icons such as these in A Clowder of Cats and my garden with Angel Cat Statues

Who could not forgive them when they showed such enthusiasm? In the run up to Halloween though, I should remind them of the Universal Divinity of the Black Cat and I have chosen today to showcase some of the best I could find. Nobody can ever content themself with just one cat – many is the prequisite for contentment and good fortune. May these beautiful black cat figurines smile on you and bestow their grace, as does the Maneki Neko Cat!




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Spiders for Halloween Bling!

The Faerie - Spider Web Greeting Cards
The Faerie – Spider Web Greeting Cards by persimew

All cats agree a Spider is a thing of beauty! It is such fun to chase a spider round the house in the dark, crashing into furniture and waking mummy up with howls of frustration.

Don’t spiders make lovely webs? The one in mummy’s picture was on our garden hedge and the frost caught it. She played around with the colours to make it more fairylike. The spiders in our house aren’t particularly fairy like. They are pretty spiders with long legs, but they are also dyslexic spiders. Maybe they got inspired by Charlotte’s Web or something, but our indoor webs are just mixed up like net curtains that have disintegrated in the wash.

Anyway, I mew too much about dyslexic spiders when I really wanted you to see some spider jewelry. Just the thing with Halloween coming up don’t you think?


This one takes the first prize for me. If mummy wore these it WOULD be fun! Come one house spiders, this is how webs SHOULD look….

Best Kitty Bling!

Hi! I am Blue Boy, known to my friends as the Emperor! Do you like kitty bling? I am guessing you do, because you landed on my page today. I was just looking over mummy’s shoulder (she’s on that darn computer AGAIN) and I saw the sweetest Hello Kitties. Well, not only does Blue Boy like pretty girls, but he thoroughly approves of them getting pretty kitty bling in their Christmas stockings! So while mummy gets my noms ready, here are a few Hello Kitty pretties I really, really like!


And I know mummy was really taken with this one – better put out the Mew to Santa:

Whoops – time for noms now… See you guys later!

Jewelry for Cats…..

Hi – my name is Paris and I love pretty things too, this page is about pretty things for cats. And indeed, why should we not have pretty things?

Mum hasn’t made me wear a collar in a long time – my long fur can easily get matted from it – but just for special occasions I would love to wear this one! Such a pretty shade for a lilac Persimew and it comes in lots of other colours too! It is a breakaway collar, so should you climb in trees (Heaven forbid I should get caught doing such a thing!) it will breakaway and not hurt you! That’s got to be good in my mew!

Also for indoor use – it has a safety panel, but I am not sure if it a breakaway – is this lovely Swarovski crystal kitty collar! It would certainly match my colouring…

Anyway, I hope you liked those. I will be back another day with more kitty bling ideas.


Hello world!

Welcome to our little world of pretty things for cool cats. I hope it will be a fun place to be.

I am Mojo, Queen of Any, and this is my picture!

I love pretty things and I suspect you do too! This is my first trip to this new place, so I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you about some pages you might enjoy. Indeed, mum has been busy keeping us out of the computer chair to put these pages together.

Cat Necklaces Who knew! Humans love us so much they celebrate us with necklaces. Welcome to my world of kitty bling with this page…. I hope you will enjoy it.