Serious about Cat Kibble?

What you feed us really matters, you know. My mummy has never given me cheap cat food, but as I get older my tummy gets less tolerant of treats, cheaper wet cat food and even the higher quality cat kibbles I used to love so much. I will tell you more here about a special kibble mummy is trying now and why it works well.

Why cats vomit frequently

There are many learned answers to that question on the kittywebs…. My mummy has read many of them. It is not normal for cats to vomit frequently any more than it is normal for you! Worms, hairballs and serious illnesses affecting pancreas, liver and kidneys can all cause vomiting. So can inner ear infections…. A visit to the vet really helps rule out the major causes, but what about those cats not helped by the medicines, pills and pokes? Sometimes it can be down to allergies and intolerances. We narrowed down food intolerances together you know. I would sometimes throw up, mummy would make a note on my feeding chart on the fridge. Anything with turkey, tuna, beef or salmon will upset me. Everything was fine until I recently started to throw up BEFORE meals….

Why do cats throw up an hour before meals?

Do you know cats get gastritis? This is due to our tummies getting very excited about an hour or two before meals. Even if we have food available on demand, this can be a problem. In the wild, we would start to hunt for food when our tummies told us we were hungry. Kitty’s tummies do this by producing more hydrochloric acid ready to digest meat.

Yes, I said MEAT! MEAT is what we eat, not cereals (yes, cats can often be gluten intolerant), other grains (rice is not a natural cat food), mixed poultry poo (that is what “poultry digest” really is!) Look at the ingredients of any wet cat food and the chances are it will contain a low percentage of a particular meat or fish to flavour it, unspecified and almost certainly mechanically or chemically recovered meat, unspecified “fish meal” and all sorts of junky vegetable protein and carbohydrates.

I was throwing up before meals because I had lost faith in my kibble too. When I got hungry and had to wait for feeding time, I would eat my premium kibble, but these unspecified meats, grains and fishes were bringing on that intolerance. It was a losing game whether I ate my kibble or not. If I ate the kibble I would vomit afterwards, if I didn’t, then gastritis would make me throw up BEFORE my breakfast gravy, whatever mummy gave me.

Mummy tried chicken breast, which I love, but it would give me the runs if I ate too much. Now we have discovered Applaws Adult Cat Food Chicken. Applaws is 80% chicken, 46% protein and totally grain and poo free! The other cats love it too. I will keep you posted how it works out, but right now I am enjoying my kibbles much more and vomiting less often.

Applaws comes in a variety of sizes and flavours, and is also available as a wet food to give your cats a treat! For now, we stick to the chicken, but for cats who can eat salmon, Applaws Cat Adult Dry Mix Chicken and Salmon and Applaws Adult Cat Salmon are both available too.


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