Pretty Toes! Kitty Toes! Oh my!

Soft Claws and Soft Paws (UK)

We are indoor kitties and as Persimews we pretty much have the run of the place. Usually we are well behaved, but we do scratch furniture. Fortunately mummy doesn’t care – she loves us more than the sofa – and we do have the sense not to go for the antique bureau. Imagine our horror when we read about the latest kitty bling craze though? Oh my! This is something we are glad not to have to go through, but in comparison with a life outdoors or even worse, declawing, Soft Paws might be helpful to you scratchy kitties whose mums are less tolerant than ours!


Completing a cat pedicure with Soft Paws

Soft paws are a strange kitty pedicure. They might appeal to those people who want their indoor kitties to look pampered as they come in several colours. The trick is to clip the claw tip off carefully, then glue the artificial toenails on to the claw. Apparently they last about 4-6 weeks and provided they have been applied properly, they are easy to remove and replace on the next pedicure simply by clipping the claw tip again. However, it has to be said that cats may be distressed by this, and they might not stay on long OR come off easily if NOT applied correctly! Soft Claws do come in various sizes for cats and kittens and satisfy human vanity by coming in lots of colours!

Medical uses for Soft Paws?

Where Soft Paws might be medically useful is for kitties with hypersensitivity who injure themselves with constant scratching. The soft kitty toes would be less liable to damage skin and fur. If a cat has permanent hypersensitive skin, this would probably be preferable to one of those lampshade collars! Another use – fortunately irrelevant for most British cats – is where an uninjured cat is introduced to a home with declawed cats. Declawing is an obscenity that is not legal in Britain! Of course, in countries where kitties can be declawed to protect furniture, Soft Paws are a much more humane alternative. I cringe to think about declawing!

As a final thought, any human intelligent enough to read this HONESTLY wouldn’t think of using these on an outdoor, streetwise, tree climbing kitty??? Would they??? I hope not, it would be stupid and cruel!!!