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Cat illustration by Oliver Tadpole, used with permission. All rights reserved!

Cat Jewelry – A Cat Necklace For All Budgets

Do you love cat jewelry? A pretty kitty necklace or two? I can hardly believe my eyes, ears, nose or whiskers. Cat necklaces? Yes, it is true! These humans love us so much they even want to wear us around their necks. Ah! But don’t dismay, you can open your eyes now. These cat necklaces are made of gold, silver and jewels and have no claws. Some are cat necklaces made of Swarovski crystals and some are precious gem cat necklaces, but not a whisker in sight, never fear!

So no cats were harmed in the making of this kitty necklace page and anything that serves to further our cause once more to be truly recognised as divinity has to be a good thing!

Beautiful Cat Jewelry From The Bradford Exchange – Pretty, realistic kitty necklaces

Some cats prefer stylized portraits, others prefer realistic. When humans hang you around their neck, what do you prefer? Purrsonally I love these!

Purr-fect Kitten Crystal Pendant Necklace by The Bradford Exchange

Perfectly adorable kitten necklace from the Bradford Exchange!

Such a lifelike and feline expression on his little face!

Purr-fect Companion Heart Shaped Keepsake Cat Pendant Necklace by The Bradford Exchange
The world loves a pretty kitten and this little one is a darling!

Blue Agate Cat Cameo Necklace

I was really taken with this necklace because the colours are so pretty. Talking about blue persians, the cat portrait is also lovely!

An 18 inch chain is a little small for many women these days, but with such a beautiful pendant as this it could be worn as a standard cameo choker, or on a longer chain. It is delightful and reminded me of my late lamented Himalayan cat.

Bastet and Egyptian style necklaces

Worshippers of Bastet might enjoy this Egyptian style pendant. It is original and eye catching.

Bastet Pendant – Collectible Medallion Necklace Accessory Jewelry
A great fashion statement for worshippers of Bastet! Just to remind you, Bastet rules, OK?

Cat Pendant Necklaces, some with Swarovski Crystal – Silver and Swarovski Crystal Cat Pendant Necklaces

Everbling Cat Purple Swarovski Elements Crystal Pendant Necklace 18″
Pretty purple Swarovski pendant and chain

More Elegant Crystal Cat Necklaces – Crystal Kitty Necklaces

Tribal Crystal Leopard Cat Earring and Necklace Set

Gold Tone Cascade Chain Tribal Crystal Cat Earring and Necklace Set

A lovely necklace and earring set by Alilang modelled on a cheetah and enhanced with Aurora Borealis crystal!

Gold Tone Cascade Chain Tribal Crystal Leopard Cheetah Cat Earring Necklace Set
Alilang produces cat jewelry that makes an original statement and is beautifully done. This leopard tribal necklace and earring set is a great example.

Hand Painted Tiger Necklace

Hand Paint Enamel Orange Stripe Tiger Cat Swarovski Crystal Necklace Earring Set

Original, bold and sophisticated hand painted enamel and Swarovski crystal tiger jewelry set.

Hand Paint Enamel Orange Stripe Tiger Cat Swarovski Crystal Necklace Earring Set
Another beautiful example from Alilang is this feisty tribal tiger design which would make a great gift for tiger lovers.

Mood Pendant Necklace – Cat

This little cat necklace is a mood pendant. It changes color to reflect your mood and will make a lovely Christmas gift for a child or teen who loves cats.

Mood Pendant Necklace – Cat
The crystal changes colour to show the mood you are in. Is it yellow, pink, blue, green, purple or black? What do the colours mean?

Expensive cat pendant necklaces with gold and diamonds. – Gold and diamond cat pendant necklace

Black and White Diamond “Cat” Pendant with Chain

Black cat necklace has a body encrusted with black diamonds. A sophisticated gift for an elegant lady.

10K White Gold 1/3 ct. Black and White Diamond “Cat” Pendant with Chain
If you want your diamonds to meow then this could be the ideal gift. It is lovely, I bought one so I should know.

XPY 14k Rose Gold Brown and White Diamond Cat (1/3 cttw, I-J Color and I2-I3 Clarity) Pendant Necklace, 18″
I actually really like this cat pendant because the rose gold and brown diamonds give it a more natural appearance. It looks like a tiny tortie cat.

XPY 14k Rose Gold Diamond Cat Pendant Necklace (.18cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity), 18″
This is such a delicate and pretty cat necklace at an affordable price. An ideal gift for the crazy cat lady who likes a touch of luxury.

Winged Angel Cat Pendant

And last but not least in my little collection of pretty kitties is this winged angel cat.

Winged Pegasus Sitting Cat Pendant in Sterling Silver on 20″ Rhodium and Silver Snake Chain, #7924
Winged Pegasus Sitting Cat Pendant in Sterling Silver on 20″ Rhodium and Silver Snake Chain.

I love this quirky and original winged Angel Cat Pendant which has an intriguing Gothic or Steampunk vibe!

Cat Necklace Card
Cat Necklace Card by persimew
Browse Three Cards online at

We hope to see you again! Thank you!

Thank you for looking at these cat necklaces – I hope you enjoyed visiting the cats and seeing their display!

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