A Clowder of Cats

Crystal Cats – A Clowder of Cats!

Ever heard of a clowder of cats or a kindle of kittens. I have my own little clowder of cats and celebrate the lovelies by collecting crystal cat figurines too.

Clowder of cats

What is a clowder of cats? A clowder of cats is actually the correct term for a group or colony of cats. A Kindle is the collective noun for a group of kittens. A Kindle of kittens? Who knew! I have my own little clowder of cats, both real and fluffy and also ornamental. Here I want to celebrate some of the nicest glass cat figurines I have found. Some, like Lalique, make me wish I had more space and loads of money to spare.

Collecting Crystal Cats

Often I find glass cats in antique malls here and in Canada. Antique malls are a good hunting ground for crystal cats or in fact any cat statues having been retired there during house clearances and the like. You can pick up some real bargains in antique shops, malls and collectives. I find them hard to resist because there is something so elegant in fine glassware that mirrors the elegance of the cat itself. What could be more elegant or coveted than a Lalique cat?

A Lalique Cat of my own

I now have my own little Lalique Heggy cat, in fact I have two, one curled up asleep and one sitting upright licking his paw. I inherited Heggy from my mum and I love her dearly but there is always room for more cats in this house.

Lenox Crystal Grooming Cat

Lennox Cat

My elegant crystal cat! I got tempted by this little cat on Ebay several years ago and won her for £12 including the postage. She is so beautiful and so feline. She has pride of place on the shrine.

Lioness and Cub – A Pride of Crystal Lions bought in Fort Langley

I think these are Lenox cats too – they were sold as Lenox, but have no “hallmark and date” engraved under the hollow base. I paid $5 CAD in an antiques mall in Fort Langley if I remember right! Lenox or not, my little pride of crystal lions is my pride and joy.

Swarovski Cats and Kittens – Cute Crystal Cats and Kittens by Swarovski

Swarovski crystal is highly collectible – as are Persian cats so it seems… One of my favourites is this grinning Cheshire cat.

I also have a little lucky cat mascot which I was bought one Christmas. I keep the little maneki neko cat in my cat corner along with the Lennox cats and Heggie, my Lalique cat figurine. She is tiny and sparkly and I was delighted to have her for a present.

A Clowder of Cats in Lenox crystal – Cat and kittens in crystal

Lenox cat trio

This came from an antiques mall in Coquitlam and cost me $7 CAD I think. It depicts a lovely little clowder of cats in Lenox crystal. Again, no etched brand and date, but still beautiful enough to be wrapped in cotton wool for the flight home to England. This litter takes pride of place on the cat shrine with the glass pride of lions and the crystal grooming cat. Perhaps one day some more Lalique cats will join them…

Baccarat Cats – Baccarat Cat Sculptures – are so elegant

My friend has a Baccarat cat on her wish list, as do I. When the big one comes in on the lottery I shall treat us both and buy a pair of Baccarat Egyptian cats.

Oh yes, Bastis would smile on the owner of such a lovely cat sculpture. He seems more panther than cat, but is certainly very elegant and proud like an Egyptian avatar.

St Patricks Day Mugs for Cat Lovers

Happy St Cat-tricks Day and St Patricks Day Mugs

Is there any day of the year when we don’t think of our cats before all else? Well there shouldn’t be, and as there is nothing nicer than a happy cat hearth rug and a pint of the ol’ Dublin Guinness the Persimews put this page together for Kitty Mummy to share with you all. So you can maybe choose a nice cat-themed St Patricks Day Mug for your Irish coffee.

Irish Coffee-Mug
Irish Coffee-Mug by Kim_Souza
Check out a St Patricks Day Mug online at zazzle

St Patricks Day Mugs for Cat Lovers

St Patricks Day for Cat Lovers?

St Patricks Day should be fun for everyone! This selection of St Patricks Day Mugs featuring cats and other St Patrick’s Day Cat Gifts makes it fun for cat lovers too! When cats are as important in your life as they are in mine, you see every Saturday as a Caturday and even St Patrick’s Day becomes St Cat-Tricks day! Zazzle is a wonderful place where you can find crazy and beautiful gifts and this page showcases just a few St Patricks Day Mugs for crazy cat lovers. Here we have lucky black cats, the luck of the Irish, a touch of the blarney and a dash of the water of life in your Irish coffee! Read on for more St Patrick’s Day Cat gift ideas and I hope you will enjoy checking these lucky Irish cats out.

13 Lucky Black Cats Mug
13 Lucky Black Cats Mug by 13BlackCatsDesigns
Shop for Black Cat and St Patricks Day Mugs online at Zazzle.com

St Patricks Day Lucky Black Cat Mugs on Zazzle

The luck of the Irish and a few lucky black cats with a strong green theme because isn’t that what we should all be wearing on St Cat-tricks Day? Many of these St Patricks Day Cat Mugs can be customised on Zazzle too – and there is a huge selection of other gifts. These are a few St Patricks Day Cat Mugs I chose especially for lucky black cat lovers to enjoy their Irish coffee on St Paddy’s Day. Click on the mugs to see more, including the designer.

Funny Saint Patrick's Day Cat Coffee Cup Mug
Funny Saint Patrick's Day Cat Coffee Cup Mug by fairygirlbooks
Check out other St patrick’s day Mugs at zazzle.com
I'm so Irish Coffee Mug
I'm so Irish Coffee Mug by Shamrockcity
View other Irish Mugs at Zazzle.com

Some Green Cat Mugs from Janna Salak

Green Cat Mugs are not just for St Patrick’s Day – they are to be filled and loved any day of the year. I just love these green cat mugs!

More St Patricks Day Mugs for Cat Lovers

Who knew we would have so many to choose from? I could build up a whole collection of St Patricks Day Mugs here for my Irish coffee, use each one on St Paddy’s Day and maybe wake up in time for Halloween!

IrishCat Mugs
IrishCat Mugs by deemac1
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Design your own customized coffee cups at Zazzle
Orange Tabby Cat Coffee Mugs
Orange Tabby Cat Coffee Mugs by Incatneato
Check out other St Patrick’s Day Mugs at zazzle.com

Do you love your cat enough to celebrate with a St Patricks Day Cat Mug?

My Cute Funny Valentine Card

my funny valentine

Image of frog (c) Oliver Tadpole and used with permission of Oliver Tadpole and Persimew Designs. All rights reserved. Please do not copy!

My Funny Valentine – Cute Valentine Cards

One of the things I love about Valentines Day is receiving a funny Valentine card – you can get them in shops and online. Cute Valentine cards have always been a personal favourite. Valentines Day in the UK tends to be a bit lovey, or sometimes steamy. I envy the US and Canadian versions that allow for fun, laughs and friendship. Everyone deserves a Valentine card or two or even a Valentine gift even if they are not hot, young and single! I have put together this collection of funny Valentines to help the unwilling bring a smile to the unromantic amongst us. It is not so much anti-Valentine as cute Valentine! Please read on!

Elephant Valentine Cards

An Elephant Never Forgets…

Or so they say… To those who forget Valentine’s Day, an elephant funny valentine card could be a gentle reminder!

Cute little elephants with hearts. So cute – who could say no?

Elephant Valentine Card
Elephant Valentine Card by dchaddad
Find more Valentines day Cards at Zazzle

Shy little elephant dreams of an elephant sweetheart. Irresistible!

Jungle Love Greeting Cards
Jungle Love Greeting Cards by toddlersplace
Shop for Jungle Cards online at Zazzle.com

Jungle Love is a very cute card for a child to send – any occasion, including Valentines Day.

This loved up elephant is so sweet, makes such a cute Valentine! Beautiful design!

I love the rose and skateboard!

A valentine postcard has a vintage feel! An elephant NEVER forgets!

And they called it guppy love?

Mermaid Valentine Cards and Guppy Love!

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but these funny valentine cards say you’re the one for me.

For when love is as deep as the ocean – nothing but kissing fishes will do!

There are plenty of fish in the sea dear, BUT… what do fishes say?

Fishy advice cards
Fishy advice cards by Granolafication
See other Fish Cards at zazzle

…there are plenty of humans on the land, Mack!

Surfers can be sharks ya know. Better watch out little fishy, ‘cos LOVE BITES!

Sweet little mermaid valentine with little fishies swimming round. Cute!

These little kissing fish are adorable!

When it comes to funny Valentine cards, even the groan worthy are cool with me. This pun made me cringe, but I still couldn’t resist it. More later, when the romantic mood is upon me once more!

My Cute Funny Valentine Card – Part Two

The Frog and the Princess – Fairytales can come true, but…

Sometimes the outcome is a little surprising! These froggy love Valentine cards should make you smile. Why not kiss a frog today? You might discover true love…

Even a frog deserves someone to love him!

Princess knows beauty is not just skin deep!

You gotta love this little frog looking for a bit of magic!

Frogs Cute Happy Hoppy Valentines Day Pink Cards
Frogs Cute Happy Hoppy Valentines Day Pink Cards by HappyWishingWell
Check out more Happy valentines day Cards at Zazzle

This is just cute!

Valentine Card Greeting Cards
Valentine Card Greeting Cards by cooltees
Browse more Toad Cards at Zazzle

Toadly yours? Groan!

Princess and frog card – no comment!

There are just so many and you would do well to explore for yourself. As for me, I hear you asking “Why no Kitty Love cards?” Well, that is a whole topic in itself! See you later unless you kiss the wrong frog.