A Clowder of Cats

Crystal Cats – A Clowder of Cats!

Ever heard of a clowder of cats or a kindle of kittens. I have my own little clowder of cats and celebrate the lovelies by collecting crystal cat figurines too.

Clowder of cats

What is a clowder of cats? A clowder of cats is actually the correct term for a group or colony of cats. A Kindle is the collective noun for a group of kittens. A Kindle of kittens? Who knew! I have my own little clowder of cats, both real and fluffy and also ornamental. Here I want to celebrate some of the nicest glass cat figurines I have found. Some, like Lalique, make me wish I had more space and loads of money to spare.

Collecting Crystal Cats

Often I find glass cats in antique malls here and in Canada. Antique malls are a good hunting ground for crystal cats or in fact any cat statues having been retired there during house clearances and the like. You can pick up some real bargains in antique shops, malls and collectives. I find them hard to resist because there is something so elegant in fine glassware that mirrors the elegance of the cat itself. What could be more elegant or coveted than a Lalique cat?

A Lalique Cat of my own

I now have my own little Lalique Heggy cat, in fact I have two, one curled up asleep and one sitting upright licking his paw. I inherited Heggy from my mum and I love her dearly but there is always room for more cats in this house.

Lenox Crystal Grooming Cat

Lennox Cat

My elegant crystal cat! I got tempted by this little cat on Ebay several years ago and won her for £12 including the postage. She is so beautiful and so feline. She has pride of place on the shrine.

Lioness and Cub – A Pride of Crystal Lions bought in Fort Langley

I think these are Lenox cats too – they were sold as Lenox, but have no “hallmark and date” engraved under the hollow base. I paid $5 CAD in an antiques mall in Fort Langley if I remember right! Lenox or not, my little pride of crystal lions is my pride and joy.

Swarovski Cats and Kittens – Cute Crystal Cats and Kittens by Swarovski

Swarovski crystal is highly collectible – as are Persian cats so it seems… One of my favourites is this grinning Cheshire cat.

I also have a little lucky cat mascot which I was bought one Christmas. I keep the little maneki neko cat in my cat corner along with the Lennox cats and Heggie, my Lalique cat figurine. She is tiny and sparkly and I was delighted to have her for a present.

A Clowder of Cats in Lenox crystal – Cat and kittens in crystal

Lenox cat trio

This came from an antiques mall in Coquitlam and cost me $7 CAD I think. It depicts a lovely little clowder of cats in Lenox crystal. Again, no etched brand and date, but still beautiful enough to be wrapped in cotton wool for the flight home to England. This litter takes pride of place on the cat shrine with the glass pride of lions and the crystal grooming cat. Perhaps one day some more Lalique cats will join them…

Baccarat Cats – Baccarat Cat Sculptures – are so elegant

My friend has a Baccarat cat on her wish list, as do I. When the big one comes in on the lottery I shall treat us both and buy a pair of Baccarat Egyptian cats.

Oh yes, Bastis would smile on the owner of such a lovely cat sculpture. He seems more panther than cat, but is certainly very elegant and proud like an Egyptian avatar.

St Patricks Day Mugs for Cat Lovers

Happy St Cat-tricks Day and St Patricks Day Mugs

Is there any day of the year when we don’t think of our cats before all else? Well there shouldn’t be, and as there is nothing nicer than a happy cat hearth rug and a pint of the ol’ Dublin Guinness the Persimews put this page together for Kitty Mummy to share with you all. So you can maybe choose a nice cat-themed St Patricks Day Mug for your Irish coffee.

Irish Coffee-Mug
Irish Coffee-Mug by Kim_Souza
Check out a St Patricks Day Mug online at zazzle

St Patricks Day Mugs for Cat Lovers

St Patricks Day for Cat Lovers?

St Patricks Day should be fun for everyone! This selection of St Patricks Day Mugs featuring cats and other St Patrick’s Day Cat Gifts makes it fun for cat lovers too! When cats are as important in your life as they are in mine, you see every Saturday as a Caturday and even St Patrick’s Day becomes St Cat-Tricks day! Zazzle is a wonderful place where you can find crazy and beautiful gifts and this page showcases just a few St Patricks Day Mugs for crazy cat lovers. Here we have lucky black cats, the luck of the Irish, a touch of the blarney and a dash of the water of life in your Irish coffee! Read on for more St Patrick’s Day Cat gift ideas and I hope you will enjoy checking these lucky Irish cats out.

13 Lucky Black Cats Mug
13 Lucky Black Cats Mug by 13BlackCatsDesigns
Shop for Black Cat and St Patricks Day Mugs online at Zazzle.com

St Patricks Day Lucky Black Cat Mugs on Zazzle

The luck of the Irish and a few lucky black cats with a strong green theme because isn’t that what we should all be wearing on St Cat-tricks Day? Many of these St Patricks Day Cat Mugs can be customised on Zazzle too – and there is a huge selection of other gifts. These are a few St Patricks Day Cat Mugs I chose especially for lucky black cat lovers to enjoy their Irish coffee on St Paddy’s Day. Click on the mugs to see more, including the designer.

Funny Saint Patrick's Day Cat Coffee Cup Mug
Funny Saint Patrick's Day Cat Coffee Cup Mug by fairygirlbooks
Check out other St patrick’s day Mugs at zazzle.com
I'm so Irish Coffee Mug
I'm so Irish Coffee Mug by Shamrockcity
View other Irish Mugs at Zazzle.com

Some Green Cat Mugs from Janna Salak

Green Cat Mugs are not just for St Patrick’s Day – they are to be filled and loved any day of the year. I just love these green cat mugs!

More St Patricks Day Mugs for Cat Lovers

Who knew we would have so many to choose from? I could build up a whole collection of St Patricks Day Mugs here for my Irish coffee, use each one on St Paddy’s Day and maybe wake up in time for Halloween!

IrishCat Mugs
IrishCat Mugs by deemac1
Browse more Irish Mugs at Zazzle
Design your own customized coffee cups at Zazzle
Orange Tabby Cat Coffee Mugs
Orange Tabby Cat Coffee Mugs by Incatneato
Check out other St Patrick’s Day Mugs at zazzle.com

Do you love your cat enough to celebrate with a St Patricks Day Cat Mug?

Maneki Neko Cats Feng Shui and Fun

Maneki Neko Cat

Cute Maneki Neko Cat Gifts And Novelties

These gifts are so cute, I can’t resist them, can you? The lucky cats here are fun and inexpensive and have the added benefit of Feng Shui attributes. In other words a Maneki Neko cat will bring you good fortune as well as a smile or two! We bought a gold Maneki Neko cat figurine for Tadpole’s sister this Christmas and it certainly won the prize for laughs and smiles. We hope she is monitoring her lottery tickets carefully too as its battery powered arm goes up and down furiously. I put this page of lucky cat gifts and novelties together to cheer me up too as my personal circumstances have kept me away from here for too long. I needed a bright and cheerful subject to contemplate. So please bring on the happy kitties, a little kitty powered Feng Shui and a dose of good fortune for anyone who visits this page.

Maneki Neko: The Tale of the Beckoning Cat

The tale of a poor monk and his little cat Tama, and how Tama saved the life of a great Samurai. A wonderful telling of the legend of the beckoning cat and how it came to be a good luck symbol.

As you can see in the poster, Maneki neko cats come in different colours, and wave different paws. These variations in colour and pose have specific and different meanings. To learn more, just click on the safe links below.

Learn more about Maneki Neko cats from Wikipedia

Link to Sushi Cat’s list of meanings

Cute Maneki Neko Posters from Zazzle- Delightful Illustrations

To see more about the artists or to buy these posters, just click on the image.

A Perfect Glass of Pinot Noir Print
A Perfect Glass of Pinot Noir Print by 3catsgraphics
Look at more Maneki Posters at zazzle
A Pleasing Glass of Pinot Grigio Print
A Pleasing Glass of Pinot Grigio Print by 3catsgraphics
See additional Posters & Art online at Zazzle

Maneki Neko – 4 Sets of Roly Poly Mini Cats Display Set (#7320)

Maneki Neko – 4 Sets of Roly Poly Mini Cats Display Set (#7320)
These roly poly Maneki neko cats make a fun and hardwearing toy that will bring a smile to children of ALL ages from 2 to 102.

Lavender Ceramic Maneki Neko Lucky Cat #KT6-LC is a delightfully smiley and sleepy roly poly kitten who will remind all cat lovers exactly how to relax and enjoy life.

Japanese Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Coin Purse Bag #22408-8

What better way to guard your fortune than with this sweet little Maneki Neko Cat Purse! Little girls will love this pretty cat gift.

Sushi Maneki Neko Print
Sushi Maneki Neko Print by samack
See another museum poster on zazzle.com

Lucky Black and Cute White Maneki Neko Cats – Black and White Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Gifts and Novelties

This little black roly poly maneki neko cat figurine represents happiness and will make you smile.

This is just so cute! This little cat is waving BOTH arms for good measure!

This delightful Japanese Lucky Cat doubles as a novelty tea cup – just turn the maneki neko cat upside down.

Maneki Neko Cat Clocks – Maneki Neko Clocks

Maneki Neko Cat Clocks are perennially popular with all, they make the ideal novelty wall clock and are fun for kitchens, living rooms or the kid’s bedrooms.

Please leave a message for the Maneki Neko Cats – Who hope to bring you good fortune.

This is my happy face, but a Maneki Neko Cat would make me smile.

Blue Persian Wall Clock
Blue Persian Wall Clock by persimew
Browse more Blue persian Wall Clocks at Zazzle

Kitten Books for Christmas

512px-Six_weeks_old_cat_(aka) Kitten books
A six week old kitten By André Karwath aka Aka (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons

Kitten Books – the Best Christmas Kitten Gift!

Ahhh… kitten books! So sweet! All of the Persimews agree and we know full well there will be real kittens given as Christmas presents this year. Some of them will find amazing homes but others will be less lucky, lost in the hustle and bustle of noisy households, becoming ill from eating Christmas plants or rich food, crying alone in corners for their mums while children enjoy the novelty of new toys and exasperated parents attempt to keep an orderly household free from tree climbing, ornament smashing and carpet pooping babycats. No! A kitten should be a responsible gift, not a Christmas present to be rehomed in the New Year.

Rant over! Don’t get me wrong, we are happy to see kittens get a GOOD home, but is Christmas the right time to get the real thing or might it be better to get a kitten book and learn about us first? We think so! Here are a few of our favourite kitten books this year.

Kitten Books for Kids

What can be more adorable to read than kitten books? I am a cat lover and when it comes to the Ahhhh factor, there are no prizes for guessing which animal has the most. This page is about kitten books and cat stories both old and new. There is a reason why kittens are so irresistible and there are not many children who can resist a great cat story either. I hope it will give you gift ideas for those little children who love kitten stories and cool tales about tails.

Maggie’s Magical Wish
Maggie’s Magical Wish is that rare commodity – a simple chapter book for grade 1 and 2 children. It is a lovely story about a little girl who must be very brave in order to achieve her dream of a kitten of her own! Beautifully written with simple language and sensitivity, it is an easily readable book that will delight young children moving on to their first chapterbooks. It may well delight a few adults too.

Funny Kitten Poster
Funny Kitten Poster by Lawlzorz
Check out other Funny kitten Posters at zazzle.com

Cat and Kitten Books For Kids – Fun with Cats and Kittens

All About Cats and Kittens (Reading Railroad)

All About Cats and Kittens (Reading Railroad) [Mass Market Paperback]
How to care for kittens, cat breeds and a section all about big cats too!

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes
Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes [Hardcover]
As Pete the Cat walks along he steps in strawberries, blueberries and a muddy puddle – see how his shoes change color! Pete the Cat kitten books are suitable for ages 3-7 years.

Why Do Cats Meow? (Penguin Young Readers, L3)
Why Do Cats Meow? (Penguin Young Readers, L3) Is one of those kitten books written for curious childre.
Why do cats meow? Why do they hiss and purr? What do they do with their whiskers, tails, and claws?

Kittens on Pumpkins Print
Kittens on Pumpkins Print by Sandyspider
Find other Kittens on pumpkins Posters at zazzle.com

The Cat, the Bat and the Burglar – An illustrated and illuminated manuscript by Colin Edward Mason

When it comes to kitten books there are those that are more properly cat books for human kittens and this is one. Drawing on the examples of Victorian Cautionary Rhyme and Celtic Illuminated Manuscripts for its inspiration, the Cat the Bat and the Burglar is a beautiful book with bright full colour printing throughout. A traditional picture book with detailed and delightfully Gothic cartoon plates, it is a tribute to the efforts of the artist. The story in rhyme is gripping and will excite children from age 7 to 70.

Some great Kitten Books to read from Amazon UK

Charlie and the Christmas Kitty [Hardcover]
Charlie is shocked by a big tree in the house. What are the boxes around it and… wait? What is that sound???

Maggie’s Magical Wish [Paperback]
Maggie’s dearest wish is for a kitten of her own, but first she must be brave… A fun read with a happy ending!

The Christmas Day Kitten [Paperback]
This lovely story by vet and writer James Herriott is bound to be a Christmas favorite!

More Kitten Books for Children (UK)

Kitten Books for Kids (USA)

The Cat the Bat and the Burglar is also available on the Lulu Marketplace and is discounted

From the UK Lulu Market place (also available on other sites):

The Cat the Bat and the Burglar
US Trade Mass market paperback version of the Cat the bat and the Burglar at 25% discount!

The Cat the Bat and the Burglar – A4 Comic Book version
Huge 40% saving on the A4 comic book version of the Cat the Bat and the Burglar. Save over $10!

The Cat, the Bat and the Burglar – Hardback

The Cat, the Bat and the Burglar – the Hardback version of this exquisite book is exclusive to Lulu.

Cat Care and Kitten Care for Kids. – A selection of great kitten care books.

Cat Care and Kitten Care for Kids. – A selection of great kitten care books.
You want your kitten to be your best friend ever, and kittens grow up to be cats too. So how should you look after your kitten? Here are some books to help children understand and care for their pet. All these books are illustrated in color and easy to read.

Kitten Care (Guides for Young Pet Owners)
Kitten Care (Guides for Young Pet Owners) [Hardcover]
This kitten care book is aimed at Grade 5 kids and above. It helps with choosing a kitten, feeding it, understanding behaviour and necessary chores like cleaning its litterbox.

Complete Kitten Care
Complete Kitten Care [Paperback]
Written as a comprehensive guide to a kitten’s new home. Full of facts and tips on feeding, communicating and grooming and interesting cat stories. It talks about shelter versus purebred cats, but remember purebred cats are often abandoned too!

Kitten (ASPCA Pet Care Guides for Kids)
This book aims to teach youngsters how to look after their best new buddy! Suitable for kids aged 7 and up, this book goes into choosing a kitten, feeding, grooming and understanding your kitten’s behaviour.

And last but not least because we are all practical cats, we want to let you know about this book:

This guide to understanding and coping with poor toileting behaviour is something all potential kitten and cat households should read. It is a sad reality that toileting problems are the main reason cats (and kittens) are abandoned or put up for rehoming. Read it first and hopefully you won’t need its advice, but if you do the Jewelry Cats were here to help!

Cat Earrings for Women

Cat Jewelry Earrings

Cat Earrings? What a strange thing is cat bling!

Cat earrings? Whatever next I hear you meow! Crazy humans willingly make holes in their ears for cat jewelry. Unlike us, they don’t all make holes in other humans’ ears otherwise they might get into trouble with the cops. Fashion conscious humans like to have holes made in their OWN ears by other humans they call beauticians and then they stick in pretty things made out of metal to fill the holes. Well, the last cat who tried to make a hole in MY ear got a short sharp slap with a fistful of claws!
Sometimes they redeem this madness by having little jewelry cats dangle from their ears. How strange!

Colorful cat earrings – Kitty bling to make an impact!

I was so impressed by the array of beautifully made and colourful kitty earrings on sale for humans to put in their new ear piercings!

Seeka Kitty Cat Earrings
Beautiful and funky fashion cat earrings crafted in stainless steel and hand painted with acrylic and metallic paint – Swarovski crystal decoration.

Time to Leave Earrings by Zarah

I know these are not natural colours but they seem to work somehow. It is such a feline design too.

Time To Leave Cat Sterling Silver and Enamel Earrings by Zarah
Elegant sterling silver cat earrings by Zarah, with multi-color leaves in enamel finish. Gorgeous earrings for cat lovers!

Round Cat Earrings – silver with blue and green enamel

Again these are not naturalistic cats, but the design is quirky and funky and kind of cuddly almost if that makes any sense?

Round Cat Silver & Enamel Earrings

Any teenager would love these round silver and enamel cat earrings with their bold floral design. Funky and fun!

Orange Kitty Cat Earrings

Just a touch of mischief here because as all who know orange kitties will agree, they are full of bounce.

Orange Tiger Kitty Earrings

These are altogether more naturalistic in colour. If you know a fan of tigers or tiger kitties they might like these delightful orange tabby earrings in sterling silver and enamel. These tiger kitty earrings will make your day!

Exotic and colorful cat earrings – For those who KNOW the cat is divine!

And if you don’t agree the cat is divine, we will just have to give you one or two extra piercings with our sharp feet!

Bastet Earrings – Collectible Jewelry Accessory Dangle Studs Jewel

Exotic Bastet cat earrings for worshippers of all things feline! They will weave a magic spell on you if you let them.

14k White Gold Red CZ Cat Screwback Earringsb

Now these are nice. They are the tiny screwback type of earring rather than the bold dangly statement earrings we have seen so far but the colour is pretty and the design is elegant. No crazy cat lady could resist these. The design means cat lovers may have to lean closer to check if they are really cats which is pretty seductive. Miaow!

Luxury Gold and Diamond Cat Earrings – Very special gifts for the true cat worshipper


This Years Best Cat Calendars

This Year’s Cat Calendars

Looking for this year’s best cat calendars? There are some still around I am sure!This year’s cat calendars is a fun page I originally put together to showcase many of the highly original cat calendars on Zazzle. This year I can only choose a few, so it is more ordinary but still fun. In all honesty, if you have not explored Zazzle I hope you will follow me over to see what an amazing range they do have. They are by far the best marketplace for original art you can actually customize.

A 2015 Calendar with Cats…

Christmas is Coming,
The Goose is getting fat,
What better gift for Auntie
Than a Calendar of Cat?

This is what Kitty Mummy had to say before we went to press:

“This is a page about calendars with a feline theme. I love cats, and I love looking at cat calendars and planning which friends and relatives to send them too. My favourite right now is a big cat calendar I have on my wall, though last years Magnum Persian Cat Calendar is still lying around – I just love the pictures. So here are a few cat calendars for you to enjoy”

Cat Calendars for Christmas – Find Original Cute Cat Calendars For Presents
Seriously, calendars are something many people give and receive at Christmas I look at those I would like to receive, and look back fondly at those I HAVE been given and wonder why? Surely the big firms could be more creative?

Sometimes I feel grumpy, no reason, I just do. On those occasions I only have to look at Tardars grumpy little face to be reminded I am never alone – even if I want to be.

There are so many wonderful designs out there that never make the High Street shops or the Big Malls. So many artists unknown whose original bright and colourful designs would please me so much more than the predictable! Then I thought – OK – I love cats, I will share some favourite Cat-lendars here, you can tell me at the end if you agree. Are the local shops boring or am I just scratching at the wrong tree?

This years Zen Cat Calendar promises to be a good one too.

Feline Fantasies – A Designer Who Loves Cats Too

I love this store on Zazzle. The artwork appeals to my quirky sense of humour and love of cats. I bought some myself too but not saying which as it might give the game away. Awaiting the next calendar with baited breath. Is it there yet?

Disgruntled kitty in table arrangement towel
Disgruntled kitty in table arrangement towel by fur_persons2
Browse more Cat lover Kitchen Towels at Zazzle

Well, I’m sorry, that just isn’t good enough. No cat calendar? Never mind looking at the amazing stuff you have I forgive you – THIS year anyway.

Helping Cats – Rescues Sometimes Design Calendars too!
Some shelter owners and helpers use their artistic talent to help animals. I think that is a wonderful thing and hope you will feel able to support them. How can a cat as beautiful as this possibly need to be in a shelter?

Back to the mainstream for a while though as we haven’t exhausted my favourites.

Pusheen takes the kibble for cuteness. I am lucky enough to share mummy’s sofa Brian who resembles Pusheen a little, though most of that is fur and his face is more like Tardar’s.

Persian Cat Calendars – Or you can search for Bengals and other favourites
Talking about Persian cats, we are undeniably special. Quite apart from being simply gorgeous, our purrsonality is so gentle and shy and our loyalty easily matches that of dogs. We need to be cossetted and protected as we are more child like than cat like. Persian slaves should try their best to get the message across. Persians need and deserve special homes! This calendar celebrates the beauty of Persian Cats.

Beautiful Big Cat Calendars – Big Cats Breathtaking in Power and Beauty
OK, those who know me well will know I have a thing for tigers and other big cats. They speak to my innermost spirit. White tigers particularly call to me.

Big cats are undeniably the most beautiful top predators of the animal kingdom. (Sorry wolves, I love you too, but…) I found some of the photography here is stunning and had to share it. Why not go and see for yourself?

OK I admit it, I had a tough time choosing between this and the Tiger Calendar, but in the end the ocelot won me over. This is stunning photography. We really do need to do more to protect these wonderful creatures and their environment!

Big Cats Art Calendar 2015
Big Cats Art Calendar 2015 by romanceworks
View another calendar at Zazzle

I could show you pages and pages of these beautiful big cat calendars, but you could just click on the picture and take a look for yourself. It is worth the time!

All cats are beautiful – Pet Cats Are The Most Special To Their Families
There is simply no such thing as an ugly cat. Big or small, feral or tame, pedigree or moggy, a cat is a thing of beauty; a Being endowed with intelligence, sensitivity and grace. Here are some calendars featuring pets and produced with love, pride and joy. There is only one thing people are more proud of than a beautiful pet cat, and that is a new baby. That is the importance that cats have acquired in our everyday lives.

Cats in Art How Pretty Can Your Cat Get?
Who could be without the fluffy and sentimental sort of cat art that has grown in popularity ever since the early paintings of cats as people by Louis Wain?

Here are pink and fluffy, very pretty cat pictures that will delight cat lovers world wide.

Cat Lover's 2015 Calendar
Cat Lover's 2015 Calendar by bettymatsumotoschuch
Browse Cats Calendars online at Zazzle.com
Cute Foster Kitten 2015 Calendar
Cute Foster Kitten 2015 Calendar by UniqueAnimalDesigns
Check out more Kitten Calendars at Zazzle

Louis Wain Cat Calendar – Eccentric Cat Man
Louis Wain set the world alight with his wonderful pictures of cats dressed as and behaving like people. Before that cats had looked feral and fierce in art. After Wain there was no turning back – kitty was tame.

Cats And Other Delightfully Fluffy Images- Cats, Fairies, Unicorns and other Creatures of Legend
And guess what, you will find them ALL on Zazzle. So I admit it – these are not all cats, but they are very nice anyway! Children of all ages believe in faeries, unicorns, mermaids and dragons and why not! All things of beauty and legend exist somewhere in the Universe if loved enough. But what can be more captivating or magical than a black cat?

Just black cats. This Magnum calendar showcases the stunning beauty of the black cat and it would be good luck to get this in my Christmas stocking.

Black Cat Club 2015 Calendar
Black Cat Club 2015 Calendar by WeAreBlackCatClub
Find more Calander Calendars at Zazzle

Guthram Was An Honorary Cat. He enjoyed cat food daily…
…and exclusively at least until he was released and learned to augment his diet with beetles and other slimy and crunchy snacks. I have to let Guthram have the final say of course…. Oliver put a huge amount of time into creating the pictures for this calendar.

Cute Cartoon Hedgehog Calendar
Cute Cartoon Hedgehog Calendar by persimew
See other Hedgehogs Calendars at zazzle

Well, I know what I think, there is a whole world of stunning creativity out there that business seems blissfully unaware of. Fortunately we have the internet so we can track it down ourselves. What do you think?