The Perfect Cat Tree

The Perfect Cat Tree

The perfect cat tree for a cat would be large, adventurous, preferably made with wood. There would be LOTS of places where I could stretch out and warm my fur in the sunlight. There would be hidey holes and little cat houses where I could go when I want to be alone! Today I saw this cat tree when mummy was surfing Amazon…. This is the perfect cat tree for me!

Kitty Mansions Amazon Cat Tree, Green/Brown
Kitty Mansions Amazon Cat Tree, Green/Brown
I hope my mummy might be tempted by the Kitty Mansions Cat Tree here. We would just love this!
Kitty Mansions Amazon Cat Tree, Green/Brown price

Huge Cat Trees

A huge cat tree is pretty much what we need in our house. I am asking Santa Paws for one. The two trees we have are getting fairly ragged by now and as there are three of us we have to jockey for position more than I care to. If Santa Paws is listening hard, purr-haps he will heed the meows of this little Persimew and check out these wonderful cat trees and cat condos

Huge Cat Trees UK

Make your own cat tree

Finally, if you can’t find something special for your kitties, you might consider making your own cat tree.

This page shows you how to make a good strong cat tree that will last for many years!

Dear Santa Paws, hope you are listening….