Gorgeous Cats and Kittens

Today I am feeling blue, kitty mummy is looking at OTHER CATS. She says they are gorgeous cats and kittens, but what about US! We three Persimews are decidedly gorgeous cats you know! It used to be TV programmes and photos on Facebook but everything changes.

Pinterest, Gorgeous Cats and their Kitty Pictures

Oh my – mummy has just discovered Pinterest! Now she is on line 24/7 looking at everyone else’s kitties…. I mean, the most gorgeous cats and kittens she can find (next to us of course). She still feeds us and efurrything, but what is a kitty to do? My instinct tells me not to be jealous of computer kitty, most gorgeous cats who only exist on a plasma screen, but move over Grumpy Cat, I feel like joining you. What is it about kitty mummies that makes them a sucker for every twitching whisker or fluffy tail they see?


I shall do my best to intercept her mouse. It has a lovely dangly wire and she gets miffed when we bat it or chew it. Why is beyond me, mice are designed to be chased, chewed and converted into inner catness when all is said and done. If she would calm down long enough to listen I would ask her how she would feel if I spent all my time on Pinterest ogling and cooing over gorgeous humans. On second thoughts, that is a very ICKY idea indeed. Humans are hairless, large and uncouth and not at all worth posting on Pinterest except for a weird LOL cartoon or two. I think I will go cough up a hairball right now!

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