Is there a familiar ring about her paw?

The three wise Persimews are here to ask “Is it just me, or is there a familiar ring about her paw?” Travel the world seeking wisdom as we do and it becomes obvious that the greatest civilizations are those who honour or worship the Cat! This is such a fundamental part of good human behaviour that many will wear a cat ring or two to celebrate their love for all things feline! Our mummy and chief servant of the feline household wrote this page Beautiful Cat Rings celebrating some of those wonderful ideas but we wanted to give you the paws up on a few more kitty rings we feel sure you would enjoy looking at!


If you enjoyed those, you might enjoy looking through some more pretty cat jewelry!

Here are some Cat Necklaces

If Swarovski is your thing, try these lovely Cat Brooches

And last but certainly not least, some Cat Earrings

Have fun, but above all, keep purring!

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