Love Me, Love My Cat….

Rescue cats come in many types, breeds and varieties – mine are Persians. Rescuing Persian cats tells their story. Reasons for coming into rescue may vary, but very often cats come into rescue because a partner or potential partner does not want them around. Anyone who comes into my life will find it is certainly “Love me, love my cat!” and for good reason. We have turned around behavioural problems in our precious friends with kindness and patience, trying to think of things from the cat’s point of view and working around that. Success isn’t always 100%, but the cats are happy and we are coping.

An example of retraining cats from the cats point of view is shown in this article about how to train adult cats to use a litterbox and in this article Your Cat Speaks Out about what makes a cat happy!

If, like us, your cats come first you may want to make a statement of how much you love them!

Statement Necklaces for Cat Lovers

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, here are some lovely cat and heart necklaces and lockets from Amazon.


This one is lovely, and very good value – shame about the comical description though!



Of all the necklaces, this one has to be favorite I think.

For more ideas of gifts for cats and cat lovers, you could visit Love Cats Gifts for Cat Lovers which also has links to Amazon UK.

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