Maneki Neko Cats Feng Shui and Fun

Maneki Neko Cat

Cute Maneki Neko Cat Gifts And Novelties

These gifts are so cute, I can’t resist them, can you? The lucky cats here are fun and inexpensive and have the added benefit of Feng Shui attributes. In other words a Maneki Neko cat will bring you good fortune as well as a smile or two! We bought a gold Maneki Neko cat figurine for Tadpole’s sister this Christmas and it certainly won the prize for laughs and smiles. We hope she is monitoring her lottery tickets carefully too as its battery powered arm goes up and down furiously. I put this page of lucky cat gifts and novelties together to cheer me up too as my personal circumstances have kept me away from here for too long. I needed a bright and cheerful subject to contemplate. So please bring on the happy kitties, a little kitty powered Feng Shui and a dose of good fortune for anyone who visits this page.

Maneki Neko: The Tale of the Beckoning Cat

The tale of a poor monk and his little cat Tama, and how Tama saved the life of a great Samurai. A wonderful telling of the legend of the beckoning cat and how it came to be a good luck symbol.

As you can see in the poster, Maneki neko cats come in different colours, and wave different paws. These variations in colour and pose have specific and different meanings. To learn more, just click on the safe links below.

Learn more about Maneki Neko cats from Wikipedia

Link to Sushi Cat’s list of meanings

Cute Maneki Neko Posters from Zazzle- Delightful Illustrations

To see more about the artists or to buy these posters, just click on the image.

A Perfect Glass of Pinot Noir Print
A Perfect Glass of Pinot Noir Print by 3catsgraphics
Look at more Maneki Posters at zazzle
A Pleasing Glass of Pinot Grigio Print
A Pleasing Glass of Pinot Grigio Print by 3catsgraphics
See additional Posters & Art online at Zazzle

Maneki Neko – 4 Sets of Roly Poly Mini Cats Display Set (#7320)

Maneki Neko – 4 Sets of Roly Poly Mini Cats Display Set (#7320)
These roly poly Maneki neko cats make a fun and hardwearing toy that will bring a smile to children of ALL ages from 2 to 102.

Lavender Ceramic Maneki Neko Lucky Cat #KT6-LC is a delightfully smiley and sleepy roly poly kitten who will remind all cat lovers exactly how to relax and enjoy life.

Japanese Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Coin Purse Bag #22408-8

What better way to guard your fortune than with this sweet little Maneki Neko Cat Purse! Little girls will love this pretty cat gift.

Sushi Maneki Neko Print
Sushi Maneki Neko Print by samack
See another museum poster on

Lucky Black and Cute White Maneki Neko Cats – Black and White Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Gifts and Novelties

This little black roly poly maneki neko cat figurine represents happiness and will make you smile.

This is just so cute! This little cat is waving BOTH arms for good measure!

This delightful Japanese Lucky Cat doubles as a novelty tea cup – just turn the maneki neko cat upside down.

Maneki Neko Cat Clocks – Maneki Neko Clocks

Maneki Neko Cat Clocks are perennially popular with all, they make the ideal novelty wall clock and are fun for kitchens, living rooms or the kid’s bedrooms.

Please leave a message for the Maneki Neko Cats – Who hope to bring you good fortune.

This is my happy face, but a Maneki Neko Cat would make me smile.

Blue Persian Wall Clock
Blue Persian Wall Clock by persimew
Browse more Blue persian Wall Clocks at Zazzle

One thought on “Maneki Neko Cats Feng Shui and Fun

  1. I saw Maneki Neko in 1998 for the first time. I loved the story when I searched it. Some one had given my daughter two Maneki Neko figurines and I never knew that is what they were. One was black and the other white with the one upraised paw. I thought that was different but did not know that there was a story behind it until 1998, Lovely article and great references!

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