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Cat illustration by Oliver Tadpole, used with permission. All rights reserved!

Cat Jewelry – A Cat Necklace For All Budgets

Do you love cat jewelry? A pretty kitty necklace or two? I can hardly believe my eyes, ears, nose or whiskers. Cat necklaces? Yes, it is true! These humans love us so much they even want to wear us around their necks. Ah! But don’t dismay, you can open your eyes now. These cat necklaces are made of gold, silver and jewels and have no claws. Some are cat necklaces made of Swarovski crystals and some are precious gem cat necklaces, but not a whisker in sight, never fear!

So no cats were harmed in the making of this kitty necklace page and anything that serves to further our cause once more to be truly recognised as divinity has to be a good thing!

Beautiful Cat Jewelry From The Bradford Exchange – Pretty, realistic kitty necklaces

Some cats prefer stylized portraits, others prefer realistic. When humans hang you around their neck, what do you prefer? Purrsonally I love these!

Purr-fect Kitten Crystal Pendant Necklace by The Bradford Exchange

Perfectly adorable kitten necklace from the Bradford Exchange!

Such a lifelike and feline expression on his little face!

Purr-fect Companion Heart Shaped Keepsake Cat Pendant Necklace by The Bradford Exchange
The world loves a pretty kitten and this little one is a darling!

Blue Agate Cat Cameo Necklace

I was really taken with this necklace because the colours are so pretty. Talking about blue persians, the cat portrait is also lovely!

An 18 inch chain is a little small for many women these days, but with such a beautiful pendant as this it could be worn as a standard cameo choker, or on a longer chain. It is delightful and reminded me of my late lamented Himalayan cat.

Bastet and Egyptian style necklaces

Worshippers of Bastet might enjoy this Egyptian style pendant. It is original and eye catching.

Bastet Pendant – Collectible Medallion Necklace Accessory Jewelry
A great fashion statement for worshippers of Bastet! Just to remind you, Bastet rules, OK?

Cat Pendant Necklaces, some with Swarovski Crystal – Silver and Swarovski Crystal Cat Pendant Necklaces

Everbling Cat Purple Swarovski Elements Crystal Pendant Necklace 18″
Pretty purple Swarovski pendant and chain

More Elegant Crystal Cat Necklaces – Crystal Kitty Necklaces

Tribal Crystal Leopard Cat Earring and Necklace Set

Gold Tone Cascade Chain Tribal Crystal Cat Earring and Necklace Set

A lovely necklace and earring set by Alilang modelled on a cheetah and enhanced with Aurora Borealis crystal!

Gold Tone Cascade Chain Tribal Crystal Leopard Cheetah Cat Earring Necklace Set
Alilang produces cat jewelry that makes an original statement and is beautifully done. This leopard tribal necklace and earring set is a great example.

Hand Painted Tiger Necklace

Hand Paint Enamel Orange Stripe Tiger Cat Swarovski Crystal Necklace Earring Set

Original, bold and sophisticated hand painted enamel and Swarovski crystal tiger jewelry set.

Hand Paint Enamel Orange Stripe Tiger Cat Swarovski Crystal Necklace Earring Set
Another beautiful example from Alilang is this feisty tribal tiger design which would make a great gift for tiger lovers.

Mood Pendant Necklace – Cat

This little cat necklace is a mood pendant. It changes color to reflect your mood and will make a lovely Christmas gift for a child or teen who loves cats.

Mood Pendant Necklace – Cat
The crystal changes colour to show the mood you are in. Is it yellow, pink, blue, green, purple or black? What do the colours mean?

Expensive cat pendant necklaces with gold and diamonds. – Gold and diamond cat pendant necklace

Black and White Diamond “Cat” Pendant with Chain

Black cat necklace has a body encrusted with black diamonds. A sophisticated gift for an elegant lady.

10K White Gold 1/3 ct. Black and White Diamond “Cat” Pendant with Chain
If you want your diamonds to meow then this could be the ideal gift. It is lovely, I bought one so I should know.

XPY 14k Rose Gold Brown and White Diamond Cat (1/3 cttw, I-J Color and I2-I3 Clarity) Pendant Necklace, 18″
I actually really like this cat pendant because the rose gold and brown diamonds give it a more natural appearance. It looks like a tiny tortie cat.

XPY 14k Rose Gold Diamond Cat Pendant Necklace (.18cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity), 18″
This is such a delicate and pretty cat necklace at an affordable price. An ideal gift for the crazy cat lady who likes a touch of luxury.

Winged Angel Cat Pendant

And last but not least in my little collection of pretty kitties is this winged angel cat.

Winged Pegasus Sitting Cat Pendant in Sterling Silver on 20″ Rhodium and Silver Snake Chain, #7924
Winged Pegasus Sitting Cat Pendant in Sterling Silver on 20″ Rhodium and Silver Snake Chain.

I love this quirky and original winged Angel Cat Pendant which has an intriguing Gothic or Steampunk vibe!

Cat Necklace Card
Cat Necklace Card by persimew
Browse Three Cards online at

We hope to see you again! Thank you!

Thank you for looking at these cat necklaces – I hope you enjoyed visiting the cats and seeing their display!

Mabel The Diabetic Cat a lesson in how to care for a diabetic cat.

Thank you to Mabel and her Secretary Jewels for this lovely article about Mabel. We hope you will share it widely and save some cats!

Mabel 1

How to Look After a Diabetic Cat as told by Mabel the Diabetic Cat

Hello everyone! My name is Mabel. Mabel the Diabetic Cat. As you can see I am quite a splendid and very beautiful cat and I am here to tell you how to look after a diabetic cat. You know, I have been told I somewhat resemble a bobcat. I like that. All kitties have a wild cat hiding inside! What you can’t see is that I am a special needs cat – a cat with diabetes in fact. I am going to share my story of being a Diabetic Cat with you. I know that cats with health issues can be a bit of a challenge, but special needs cats have lots of love to share! Come read my story and maybe you all will learn something new about cats with diabetes. I hope you will all see why diabetic cats make great pets and friends! Are you sitting comfortably? Good! Then we shall begin…

Mabel 2

How to look after a Diabetic Cat – Mabel’s History

Before I tell you what it’s like to be a diabetic cat, and how to look after a diabetic cat, I thought you might like to know a little about me. I’m a very interesting kitty! I was born July of 1998. That makes me 16 this year! I lived in four different homes before I came to live with my forever family. Some of those homes weren’t very nice and it made me very shy. The last home I had before this one loved me, but I was still such a shy kitty that I spent most of my time in the basement rafters. When I came to live in my forever home with my little brother Peekaboo, and my older sister Mojo, I was not a very happy cat. My new mommy said I could take all the time I needed to get used to my new family. At this point no one knew how sick I was. Mommy let me live under a couch for a long time. She is a very nice mommy and made sure I had lots of good food and didn’t force me to be sociable. I eventually did become happy again, and I love my mommy very much now! She says I’m her best girl!

Luxury Bedding for a Diabetic Cat
Any kitty worth her whiskers likes to have an assortment of sleeping places to chose from. I wonder if I can convince mommy to let me go shopping! Maybe one with a canopy?


Mabel 4

Mabel the Diabetic Cat Gets Sick – Mabel’s Upset Tummy

My family noticed that I often had a very upset tummy. I spent a lot of time visiting the litter box. We tried lots of different kinds of foods and discovered I had Irritable Bowels due to food intolerances! What is a kitty to do? We eventually found out that the only meat I can have that doesn’t upset my delicate tummy is chicken. I can’t even have fish! I’m ok with salmon oil, but other fishies make me very sick. That doesn’t make my brothers and sisters very happy. Twice a day I get nice chicken cat food. Mommy has a terrible time trying to find food that is safe for me to eat. We still can’t figure out why they put all kinds of other meats in the can when the can says Chicken!

Feeding a Diabetic Cat – Some Foods Mabel Has Tried

I can eat some of these things, but I still have to check the labels! Now where is the chicken!


Mabel 5

Mabel Gets Diagnosed With Diabetes – Mabel Gets Very Sick

I was doing very well with my new diet and was becoming a very happy little girl. Then one day I collapsed. Mommy was very scared and didn’t know what had happened to me. I was rushed to my doctor and after some tests was told I was very sick with Diabetes. My blood sugars were dangerously high. I was so frightened! I didn’t know what Diabetes meant really. I knew one of my new sisters had it and she had died because of it. I had to stay in the hospital for a week. I was lonely and scared. I thought I had done something wrong and had been abandoned again. Then my mommy came to visit me in the hospital. We were so happy to see each other! The nurses took very good care of me, but I wanted my mommy. I tried very hard to get well enough to be able to go home. I sat very still when the doctor checked my blood several times a day to make sure I was getting better. Eventually I was well enough to go home, but I was still very sick.

Mabel says please look after your diabetic cat, we can live a long time and we are just as loving as healthy kitties!

Do you have a diabetic cat?

If your cat’s behaviour is different please check for diabetes

Please check these sites if you think your cat might have symptoms of diabetes.
Please do it before the cat crashes, like I did.
Diabetes is easier to treat if caught early.

Living With A Diabetic Cat – Symptoms Of Feline Diabetes

Common Symptoms of a Diabetic Cat

Diabetes in Cats – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Mabel 3

Learning To Live With Diabetes – I Hate My Medicine!

When I was allowed to go home I had new medicine to take. Mommy had to give me insulin injections twice a day! I didn’t like that. I kept trying to hide from my medicine. Mommy said I needed it to keep me from getting sick again. I didn’t like my needles, they hurt and made me feel strange. First I had to change my food, and now I had to get needles! I felt very sorry for myself. The doctor wanted me to try Diabetic Cat food, but they all upset my tummy. We also really learned that I can’t have fishy at all, except salmon oil. One of my favourite treats was tuna water, but it makes my blood sugar go way too high! I had to go for regular check ups to make sure the Diabetes wasn’t getting worse. We also had to try a few different kinds of insulin. I have to be on a combination of injecting insulin and a pill for it to work properly.

Mabel the Diabetic Cat

Five Years and Still Going! – Mommy’s Best Girl
It took a long time for me to get used to being Diabetic. It was hard not being able to have all the treats I like and I get very itchy from having too much sugar in my blood. I am a very good kitty now for my medicine. You might not believe this but it’s true! Mommy tells me it’s time for medicine and after a little coaxing I come out of my bed. Then I sit nicely in front of mommy and she says it’s pill time. Mommy tells me to open my mouth and I do! In goes the pill and I swallow. Then mommy says it’s time for medicine, that’s what she calls my insulin. I get a little shoulder rub and quick as a whisker I get my injection! It took us two years to get it all sorted nice and easy like that. I know now that my insulin makes me feel better so I am a good girl for it. That’s why mommy says I’m her Best Girl! I hope you all learned a little about what a great friend a Diabetic Cat can be. Give us a chance and we might just surprise you!

Mabel 1

Vintage Goebel Birds For Gifts

Vintage Goebel Birds - Horned Owl

We Persimews often get a bad rap because we love birds. Well, what is wrong with that? Who doesn’t love birds? We call them meals on wings – for very good reason – although being precious Persimews, we are not allowed out hunting for fear we might be abducted or hurt in an accident. So frustrating to sit in the window and watch them sing and flap about, but at least we are not staring at birds on the plasma screen!

Mummy Likes To Buy Vintage Goebel Birds

Today mummy is jubilant! She has been on the Ebay thingy and guess what, she has been buying Vintage Goebel Birds at auction. To us, vintage Goebel birds have about as much allure as a tennis racket without a ball. You can’t eat them, you can’t chase them, and if you dab them with the velvet paw and they fall down they don’t even fly away. They just make a strange tinkly sound and the humans get watery eyes and go sulky for a while. At least my human does, but she is never sulky for long, never shouts at us and usually forgives us quickly and kisses us right away (UGH! HUMAN SPIT ALERT!)

Mummy doesn’t buy Vintage Goebel Birds for us though. She buys them, examines them to make sure they are good and then wraps them up in shiny paper again. I have been listening and I am pretty sure she gives them to our Auntie Ordinary, who is neither Auntie, nor Ordinary, but Extraordinary Audrey who is the Kitty Mummy’s own mummy. She must be a sort of cat because she loves birds, but she doesn’t look much like a cat to me.

Vintage Goebel Birds Make Great Birthday Gifts

Kitty mummy has been most busy this week buying Vintage Goebel Birds for Auntie Ordinary’s Bird Day. She has managed to buy a Greenfinch, two bluetits on a branch and a delightful barn owl ALL on E-mew-bay…. Yes, maybe a bit of a risk, but so far she is happy with her Bird Day pressies. We are sure Auntie Ordinary will love them even if they are not as much fun as REAL birds!

Thank you for visiting the Persimews today to learn about Vintage Goebel Birds!

Gorgeous Cats and Kittens

Today I am feeling blue, kitty mummy is looking at OTHER CATS. She says they are gorgeous cats and kittens, but what about US! We three Persimews are decidedly gorgeous cats you know! It used to be TV programmes and photos on Facebook but everything changes.

Pinterest, Gorgeous Cats and their Kitty Pictures

Oh my – mummy has just discovered Pinterest! Now she is on line 24/7 looking at everyone else’s kitties…. I mean, the most gorgeous cats and kittens she can find (next to us of course). She still feeds us and efurrything, but what is a kitty to do? My instinct tells me not to be jealous of computer kitty, most gorgeous cats who only exist on a plasma screen, but move over Grumpy Cat, I feel like joining you. What is it about kitty mummies that makes them a sucker for every twitching whisker or fluffy tail they see?


I shall do my best to intercept her mouse. It has a lovely dangly wire and she gets miffed when we bat it or chew it. Why is beyond me, mice are designed to be chased, chewed and converted into inner catness when all is said and done. If she would calm down long enough to listen I would ask her how she would feel if I spent all my time on Pinterest ogling and cooing over gorgeous humans. On second thoughts, that is a very ICKY idea indeed. Humans are hairless, large and uncouth and not at all worth posting on Pinterest except for a weird LOL cartoon or two. I think I will go cough up a hairball right now!

A Cushion for Kitty

Well, by now I think you will know we sit anywhere we like, but if you were thinking of celebrating your kitty with a cushion, here are some ideas our mummy created to celebrate us!

Cat Cushions with a personal touch

Or perhaps that should read “purrsonal” ? Do you know, there is no such thing as an ugly cat? Well, bearing that in mind, you can create the most beautiful purrsonalised kitty cushions on Zazzle, and that is just what mummy has been doing this week. Let me just show you a few examples:

This cushion celebrates me of course:

The Katma Sutra is a cute little number that will appeal to Himalayan Cat fans.

Cute cats katma sutra throw pillow
Cute cats katma sutra throw pillow by persimew
Browse other pillow designs on Zazzle.

Black Cats Throw Pillow is based on Puddly, a sweet black boy who adopted mummy many years ago:

Black Cats Throw Pillow
Black Cats Throw Pillow by persimew
Look at Black Pillows online at

Marmalade Cat Throw Pillow was inspired by our brother Phyx:

Marmalade Cat Throw Pillow
Marmalade Cat Throw Pillow by persimew
Browse other throw pillow designs on Zazzle.

Buddha Cat is a tiled design based on the incomparable Dharma Cat Photahsiamirabel!

Buddha Cat Tiled Throw Pillow
Buddha Cat Tiled Throw Pillow by persimew
View more Buddha Pillows at

Design your own kitty throw pillow

You can of course design your very own kitty pillows on Zazzle if you like, but there are literally thousands you can enjoy and we are happy to endorse our mummy’s design work should you like to have our portraits on your comfy sofa!

Pretty Toes! Kitty Toes! Oh my!

Soft Claws and Soft Paws (UK)

We are indoor kitties and as Persimews we pretty much have the run of the place. Usually we are well behaved, but we do scratch furniture. Fortunately mummy doesn’t care – she loves us more than the sofa – and we do have the sense not to go for the antique bureau. Imagine our horror when we read about the latest kitty bling craze though? Oh my! This is something we are glad not to have to go through, but in comparison with a life outdoors or even worse, declawing, Soft Paws might be helpful to you scratchy kitties whose mums are less tolerant than ours!


Completing a cat pedicure with Soft Paws

Soft paws are a strange kitty pedicure. They might appeal to those people who want their indoor kitties to look pampered as they come in several colours. The trick is to clip the claw tip off carefully, then glue the artificial toenails on to the claw. Apparently they last about 4-6 weeks and provided they have been applied properly, they are easy to remove and replace on the next pedicure simply by clipping the claw tip again. However, it has to be said that cats may be distressed by this, and they might not stay on long OR come off easily if NOT applied correctly! Soft Claws do come in various sizes for cats and kittens and satisfy human vanity by coming in lots of colours!

Medical uses for Soft Paws?

Where Soft Paws might be medically useful is for kitties with hypersensitivity who injure themselves with constant scratching. The soft kitty toes would be less liable to damage skin and fur. If a cat has permanent hypersensitive skin, this would probably be preferable to one of those lampshade collars! Another use – fortunately irrelevant for most British cats – is where an uninjured cat is introduced to a home with declawed cats. Declawing is an obscenity that is not legal in Britain! Of course, in countries where kitties can be declawed to protect furniture, Soft Paws are a much more humane alternative. I cringe to think about declawing!

As a final thought, any human intelligent enough to read this HONESTLY wouldn’t think of using these on an outdoor, streetwise, tree climbing kitty??? Would they??? I hope not, it would be stupid and cruel!!!

Serious about Cat Kibble?

What you feed us really matters, you know. My mummy has never given me cheap cat food, but as I get older my tummy gets less tolerant of treats, cheaper wet cat food and even the higher quality cat kibbles I used to love so much. I will tell you more here about a special kibble mummy is trying now and why it works well.

Why cats vomit frequently

There are many learned answers to that question on the kittywebs…. My mummy has read many of them. It is not normal for cats to vomit frequently any more than it is normal for you! Worms, hairballs and serious illnesses affecting pancreas, liver and kidneys can all cause vomiting. So can inner ear infections…. A visit to the vet really helps rule out the major causes, but what about those cats not helped by the medicines, pills and pokes? Sometimes it can be down to allergies and intolerances. We narrowed down food intolerances together you know. I would sometimes throw up, mummy would make a note on my feeding chart on the fridge. Anything with turkey, tuna, beef or salmon will upset me. Everything was fine until I recently started to throw up BEFORE meals….

Why do cats throw up an hour before meals?

Do you know cats get gastritis? This is due to our tummies getting very excited about an hour or two before meals. Even if we have food available on demand, this can be a problem. In the wild, we would start to hunt for food when our tummies told us we were hungry. Kitty’s tummies do this by producing more hydrochloric acid ready to digest meat.

Yes, I said MEAT! MEAT is what we eat, not cereals (yes, cats can often be gluten intolerant), other grains (rice is not a natural cat food), mixed poultry poo (that is what “poultry digest” really is!) Look at the ingredients of any wet cat food and the chances are it will contain a low percentage of a particular meat or fish to flavour it, unspecified and almost certainly mechanically or chemically recovered meat, unspecified “fish meal” and all sorts of junky vegetable protein and carbohydrates.

I was throwing up before meals because I had lost faith in my kibble too. When I got hungry and had to wait for feeding time, I would eat my premium kibble, but these unspecified meats, grains and fishes were bringing on that intolerance. It was a losing game whether I ate my kibble or not. If I ate the kibble I would vomit afterwards, if I didn’t, then gastritis would make me throw up BEFORE my breakfast gravy, whatever mummy gave me.

Mummy tried chicken breast, which I love, but it would give me the runs if I ate too much. Now we have discovered Applaws Adult Cat Food Chicken. Applaws is 80% chicken, 46% protein and totally grain and poo free! The other cats love it too. I will keep you posted how it works out, but right now I am enjoying my kibbles much more and vomiting less often.

Applaws comes in a variety of sizes and flavours, and is also available as a wet food to give your cats a treat! For now, we stick to the chicken, but for cats who can eat salmon, Applaws Cat Adult Dry Mix Chicken and Salmon and Applaws Adult Cat Salmon are both available too.


The Jewelry Cats’ mum writes frequently about keeping us happy, here are a few pages you might enjoy:

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Persian Cats can help change guitar strings too!

Sterling Silver Cat Rings and Cat Bling!

Shamelessly showcasing some lovely jewelry today!

Your pad or mine? mousepad
Your pad or mine? by persimew

Cat rings in sterling silver or 925 silver are elegant and show off the cat form nicely.

Sterling Silver Cat Face Ring (Available in Sizes 6 to 10) size 10
Sterling Silver Cat Face Ring (Available in Sizes 6 to 10) size 10

Sterling Silver Cat Face Ring (Available in Sizes 6 to 10) size 10 price

Black Panther 3D Animal Ring Cat CZ Sterling Silver
Black Panther 3-D Animal Ring Cat CZ Sterling Silver

Black Panther 3-D Animal Ring Cat CZ Sterling Silver price

Sterling Silver Black Enameled Cat Stackable Ring Size 7
Sterling Silver Black Enameled Cat Stackable Ring Size 7

Sterling Silver Black Enameled Cat Stackable Ring Size 7 price



Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Cat Ring, size 8
Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Cat Ring, size 8

Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Cat Ring, size 8 price

Rare Huge Heavy 24G Solid Sterling Silver Hand Carved Big Cat Ring Finger Sizes 8 to 13 Available
Rare Huge Heavy 24G Solid Sterling Silver Hand Carved Big Cat Ring Finger Sizes 8 to 13 Available

Rare Huge Heavy 24G Solid Sterling Silver Hand Carved Big Cat Ring Finger Sizes 8 to 13 Available price

A Familiar Ring Cat Greeting Card card
A Familiar Ring Cat Greeting Card by persimew

Love Me, Love My Cat….

Rescue cats come in many types, breeds and varieties – mine are Persians. Rescuing Persian cats tells their story. Reasons for coming into rescue may vary, but very often cats come into rescue because a partner or potential partner does not want them around. Anyone who comes into my life will find it is certainly “Love me, love my cat!” and for good reason. We have turned around behavioural problems in our precious friends with kindness and patience, trying to think of things from the cat’s point of view and working around that. Success isn’t always 100%, but the cats are happy and we are coping.

An example of retraining cats from the cats point of view is shown in this article about how to train adult cats to use a litterbox and in this article Your Cat Speaks Out about what makes a cat happy!

If, like us, your cats come first you may want to make a statement of how much you love them!

Statement Necklaces for Cat Lovers

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, here are some lovely cat and heart necklaces and lockets from Amazon.


This one is lovely, and very good value – shame about the comical description though!



Of all the necklaces, this one has to be favorite I think.

For more ideas of gifts for cats and cat lovers, you could visit Love Cats Gifts for Cat Lovers which also has links to Amazon UK.

Christmas Kittens and Kitten Books

This year as always there will be Children wanting a Christmas kitten.

Christmas Kittens

Many of these kittens will find good homes with people who understand and love their cats but many will be less fortunate. From the point of view of a tiny kitten, is Christmas really the best time to leave mother? In a house full of loud children, parties and potentially dangerous decorations Christmas can be a frightening and potentially fatal environment. Rampaging children, tipsy adults and poisonous pine needles present a very real danger. Add to that the needs of a new kitten in the midst of food preparation, parties and present giving and the little one could well be forgotten.

A Christmas kitten will be an Easter cat and sadly many cats are abandoned when the reality of this sinks in. These are the homes people prefer not to think about – the ones you see the animal charities talk about. In addition, some particularly despicable people will abandon a senior cat and buy a kitten to replace it! How cruel!

Rescues are often overflowing around this time of year with abandoned animals and while the kittens might find a new home, the senior cats are likely to be put to sleep just for being old. Why not consider adopting a senior or special needs cat? Be sure you know what that would involve however…

The best time to buy a cat or, more particularly, a tiny kitten is when the home will be quiet and the transition easier for the pet. In the meantime, why not buy some kitten books and prepare for the event by reading up on cat care and cat centered toilet training?