The tail twitch

Dear Felikitty,
I am a mindful cat, calm and peaceful by nature. Some have even called me a Bodhicatva, but however hard I meditate my tail seems to have a mind of its own. Sometimes it is so annoying I am even tempted to bite it! What should I do?
Yours always,
BooBoo xx

Dear BooBoo,

Sometimes meditation can be really hard, but remember you are well on the way to a purrfect realisation of Divinity anyway. Such is the nature of Felinity! In meditation, I find it very helpful to concentrate on my tail – nothing else, just the tail. Feel the tail twitch and watch it, do not bite it, just watch and count the twitches, let all your thoughts be silent with that tail. Be one with your tail and in time it will cease to be an annoyance. You can be one with your tail.

On a practical note, if you feel the need to chase something, I will show you a few handy toys, but do not let them distract you from your goal. There is no higher calling than Boddhicatva!

Your friend and Purr Auntay always,

Felikitty xx