St Patricks Day Mugs for Cat Lovers

Happy St Cat-tricks Day and St Patricks Day Mugs

Is there any day of the year when we don’t think of our cats before all else? Well there shouldn’t be, and as there is nothing nicer than a happy cat hearth rug and a pint of the ol’ Dublin Guinness the Persimews put this page together for Kitty Mummy to share with you all. So you can maybe choose a nice cat-themed St Patricks Day Mug for your Irish coffee.

Irish Coffee-Mug
Irish Coffee-Mug by Kim_Souza
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St Patricks Day Mugs for Cat Lovers

St Patricks Day for Cat Lovers?

St Patricks Day should be fun for everyone! This selection of St Patricks Day Mugs featuring cats and other St Patrick’s Day Cat Gifts makes it fun for cat lovers too! When cats are as important in your life as they are in mine, you see every Saturday as a Caturday and even St Patrick’s Day becomes St Cat-Tricks day! Zazzle is a wonderful place where you can find crazy and beautiful gifts and this page showcases just a few St Patricks Day Mugs for crazy cat lovers. Here we have lucky black cats, the luck of the Irish, a touch of the blarney and a dash of the water of life in your Irish coffee! Read on for more St Patrick’s Day Cat gift ideas and I hope you will enjoy checking these lucky Irish cats out.

13 Lucky Black Cats Mug
13 Lucky Black Cats Mug by 13BlackCatsDesigns
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St Patricks Day Lucky Black Cat Mugs on Zazzle

The luck of the Irish and a few lucky black cats with a strong green theme because isn’t that what we should all be wearing on St Cat-tricks Day? Many of these St Patricks Day Cat Mugs can be customised on Zazzle too – and there is a huge selection of other gifts. These are a few St Patricks Day Cat Mugs I chose especially for lucky black cat lovers to enjoy their Irish coffee on St Paddy’s Day. Click on the mugs to see more, including the designer.

Funny Saint Patrick's Day Cat Coffee Cup Mug
Funny Saint Patrick's Day Cat Coffee Cup Mug by fairygirlbooks
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I'm so Irish Coffee Mug
I'm so Irish Coffee Mug by Shamrockcity
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Some Green Cat Mugs from Janna Salak

Green Cat Mugs are not just for St Patrick’s Day – they are to be filled and loved any day of the year. I just love these green cat mugs!

More St Patricks Day Mugs for Cat Lovers

Who knew we would have so many to choose from? I could build up a whole collection of St Patricks Day Mugs here for my Irish coffee, use each one on St Paddy’s Day and maybe wake up in time for Halloween!

IrishCat Mugs
IrishCat Mugs by deemac1
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Orange Tabby Cat Coffee Mugs
Orange Tabby Cat Coffee Mugs by Incatneato
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Do you love your cat enough to celebrate with a St Patricks Day Cat Mug?

Dignified Black Cat Figurines….

Once known variously as Puddly or Rufus, it took some time for the humans in my street to recognise my true Divine Being as an incarnation of the Ancient Egyptian Cat God Bastet, for this I forgave them.

During this incarnation they fed me well and I was allowed to dictate who would sit where and who would sleep beside me. That is the greatest part of feline duties, occasionally I would attempt to teach them the intricacies of the hunt, but they were quite useless. Again, I forgave them, especially when they would fill my home with feline icons such as these in A Clowder of Cats and my garden with Angel Cat Statues

Who could not forgive them when they showed such enthusiasm? In the run up to Halloween though, I should remind them of the Universal Divinity of the Black Cat and I have chosen today to showcase some of the best I could find. Nobody can ever content themself with just one cat – many is the prequisite for contentment and good fortune. May these beautiful black cat figurines smile on you and bestow their grace, as does the Maneki Neko Cat!

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