This Years Best Cat Calendars

This Year’s Cat Calendars

Looking for this year’s best cat calendars? There are some still around I am sure!This year’s cat calendars is a fun page I originally put together to showcase many of the highly original cat calendars on Zazzle. This year I can only choose a few, so it is more ordinary but still fun. In all honesty, if you have not explored Zazzle I hope you will follow me over to see what an amazing range they do have. They are by far the best marketplace for original art you can actually customize.

A 2015 Calendar with Cats…

Christmas is Coming,
The Goose is getting fat,
What better gift for Auntie
Than a Calendar of Cat?

This is what Kitty Mummy had to say before we went to press:

“This is a page about calendars with a feline theme. I love cats, and I love looking at cat calendars and planning which friends and relatives to send them too. My favourite right now is a big cat calendar I have on my wall, though last years Magnum Persian Cat Calendar is still lying around – I just love the pictures. So here are a few cat calendars for you to enjoy”

Cat Calendars for Christmas – Find Original Cute Cat Calendars For Presents
Seriously, calendars are something many people give and receive at Christmas I look at those I would like to receive, and look back fondly at those I HAVE been given and wonder why? Surely the big firms could be more creative?

Sometimes I feel grumpy, no reason, I just do. On those occasions I only have to look at Tardars grumpy little face to be reminded I am never alone – even if I want to be.

There are so many wonderful designs out there that never make the High Street shops or the Big Malls. So many artists unknown whose original bright and colourful designs would please me so much more than the predictable! Then I thought – OK – I love cats, I will share some favourite Cat-lendars here, you can tell me at the end if you agree. Are the local shops boring or am I just scratching at the wrong tree?

This years Zen Cat Calendar promises to be a good one too.

Feline Fantasies – A Designer Who Loves Cats Too

I love this store on Zazzle. The artwork appeals to my quirky sense of humour and love of cats. I bought some myself too but not saying which as it might give the game away. Awaiting the next calendar with baited breath. Is it there yet?

Disgruntled kitty in table arrangement towel
Disgruntled kitty in table arrangement towel by fur_persons2
Browse more Cat lover Kitchen Towels at Zazzle

Well, I’m sorry, that just isn’t good enough. No cat calendar? Never mind looking at the amazing stuff you have I forgive you – THIS year anyway.

Helping Cats – Rescues Sometimes Design Calendars too!
Some shelter owners and helpers use their artistic talent to help animals. I think that is a wonderful thing and hope you will feel able to support them. How can a cat as beautiful as this possibly need to be in a shelter?

Back to the mainstream for a while though as we haven’t exhausted my favourites.

Pusheen takes the kibble for cuteness. I am lucky enough to share mummy’s sofa Brian who resembles Pusheen a little, though most of that is fur and his face is more like Tardar’s.

Persian Cat Calendars – Or you can search for Bengals and other favourites
Talking about Persian cats, we are undeniably special. Quite apart from being simply gorgeous, our purrsonality is so gentle and shy and our loyalty easily matches that of dogs. We need to be cossetted and protected as we are more child like than cat like. Persian slaves should try their best to get the message across. Persians need and deserve special homes! This calendar celebrates the beauty of Persian Cats.

Beautiful Big Cat Calendars – Big Cats Breathtaking in Power and Beauty
OK, those who know me well will know I have a thing for tigers and other big cats. They speak to my innermost spirit. White tigers particularly call to me.

Big cats are undeniably the most beautiful top predators of the animal kingdom. (Sorry wolves, I love you too, but…) I found some of the photography here is stunning and had to share it. Why not go and see for yourself?

OK I admit it, I had a tough time choosing between this and the Tiger Calendar, but in the end the ocelot won me over. This is stunning photography. We really do need to do more to protect these wonderful creatures and their environment!

Big Cats Art Calendar 2015
Big Cats Art Calendar 2015 by romanceworks
View another calendar at Zazzle

I could show you pages and pages of these beautiful big cat calendars, but you could just click on the picture and take a look for yourself. It is worth the time!

All cats are beautiful – Pet Cats Are The Most Special To Their Families
There is simply no such thing as an ugly cat. Big or small, feral or tame, pedigree or moggy, a cat is a thing of beauty; a Being endowed with intelligence, sensitivity and grace. Here are some calendars featuring pets and produced with love, pride and joy. There is only one thing people are more proud of than a beautiful pet cat, and that is a new baby. That is the importance that cats have acquired in our everyday lives.

Cats in Art How Pretty Can Your Cat Get?
Who could be without the fluffy and sentimental sort of cat art that has grown in popularity ever since the early paintings of cats as people by Louis Wain?

Here are pink and fluffy, very pretty cat pictures that will delight cat lovers world wide.

Cat Lover's 2015 Calendar
Cat Lover's 2015 Calendar by bettymatsumotoschuch
Browse Cats Calendars online at
Cute Foster Kitten 2015 Calendar
Cute Foster Kitten 2015 Calendar by UniqueAnimalDesigns
Check out more Kitten Calendars at Zazzle

Louis Wain Cat Calendar – Eccentric Cat Man
Louis Wain set the world alight with his wonderful pictures of cats dressed as and behaving like people. Before that cats had looked feral and fierce in art. After Wain there was no turning back – kitty was tame.

Cats And Other Delightfully Fluffy Images- Cats, Fairies, Unicorns and other Creatures of Legend
And guess what, you will find them ALL on Zazzle. So I admit it – these are not all cats, but they are very nice anyway! Children of all ages believe in faeries, unicorns, mermaids and dragons and why not! All things of beauty and legend exist somewhere in the Universe if loved enough. But what can be more captivating or magical than a black cat?

Just black cats. This Magnum calendar showcases the stunning beauty of the black cat and it would be good luck to get this in my Christmas stocking.

Black Cat Club 2015 Calendar
Black Cat Club 2015 Calendar by WeAreBlackCatClub
Find more Calander Calendars at Zazzle

Guthram Was An Honorary Cat. He enjoyed cat food daily…
…and exclusively at least until he was released and learned to augment his diet with beetles and other slimy and crunchy snacks. I have to let Guthram have the final say of course…. Oliver put a huge amount of time into creating the pictures for this calendar.

Cute Cartoon Hedgehog Calendar
Cute Cartoon Hedgehog Calendar by persimew
See other Hedgehogs Calendars at zazzle

Well, I know what I think, there is a whole world of stunning creativity out there that business seems blissfully unaware of. Fortunately we have the internet so we can track it down ourselves. What do you think?