Kitten Books for Christmas

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A six week old kitten By André Karwath aka Aka (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Kitten Books – the Best Christmas Kitten Gift!

Ahhh… kitten books! So sweet! All of the Persimews agree and we know full well there will be real kittens given as Christmas presents this year. Some of them will find amazing homes but others will be less lucky, lost in the hustle and bustle of noisy households, becoming ill from eating Christmas plants or rich food, crying alone in corners for their mums while children enjoy the novelty of new toys and exasperated parents attempt to keep an orderly household free from tree climbing, ornament smashing and carpet pooping babycats. No! A kitten should be a responsible gift, not a Christmas present to be rehomed in the New Year.

Rant over! Don’t get me wrong, we are happy to see kittens get a GOOD home, but is Christmas the right time to get the real thing or might it be better to get a kitten book and learn about us first? We think so! Here are a few of our favourite kitten books this year.

Kitten Books for Kids

What can be more adorable to read than kitten books? I am a cat lover and when it comes to the Ahhhh factor, there are no prizes for guessing which animal has the most. This page is about kitten books and cat stories both old and new. There is a reason why kittens are so irresistible and there are not many children who can resist a great cat story either. I hope it will give you gift ideas for those little children who love kitten stories and cool tales about tails.

Maggie’s Magical Wish
Maggie’s Magical Wish is that rare commodity – a simple chapter book for grade 1 and 2 children. It is a lovely story about a little girl who must be very brave in order to achieve her dream of a kitten of her own! Beautifully written with simple language and sensitivity, it is an easily readable book that will delight young children moving on to their first chapterbooks. It may well delight a few adults too.

Funny Kitten Poster
Funny Kitten Poster by Lawlzorz
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Cat and Kitten Books For Kids – Fun with Cats and Kittens

All About Cats and Kittens (Reading Railroad)

All About Cats and Kittens (Reading Railroad) [Mass Market Paperback]
How to care for kittens, cat breeds and a section all about big cats too!

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes
Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes [Hardcover]
As Pete the Cat walks along he steps in strawberries, blueberries and a muddy puddle – see how his shoes change color! Pete the Cat kitten books are suitable for ages 3-7 years.

Why Do Cats Meow? (Penguin Young Readers, L3)
Why Do Cats Meow? (Penguin Young Readers, L3) Is one of those kitten books written for curious childre.
Why do cats meow? Why do they hiss and purr? What do they do with their whiskers, tails, and claws?

Kittens on Pumpkins Print
Kittens on Pumpkins Print by Sandyspider
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The Cat, the Bat and the Burglar – An illustrated and illuminated manuscript by Colin Edward Mason

When it comes to kitten books there are those that are more properly cat books for human kittens and this is one. Drawing on the examples of Victorian Cautionary Rhyme and Celtic Illuminated Manuscripts for its inspiration, the Cat the Bat and the Burglar is a beautiful book with bright full colour printing throughout. A traditional picture book with detailed and delightfully Gothic cartoon plates, it is a tribute to the efforts of the artist. The story in rhyme is gripping and will excite children from age 7 to 70.

Some great Kitten Books to read from Amazon UK

Charlie and the Christmas Kitty [Hardcover]
Charlie is shocked by a big tree in the house. What are the boxes around it and… wait? What is that sound???

Maggie’s Magical Wish [Paperback]
Maggie’s dearest wish is for a kitten of her own, but first she must be brave… A fun read with a happy ending!

The Christmas Day Kitten [Paperback]
This lovely story by vet and writer James Herriott is bound to be a Christmas favorite!

More Kitten Books for Children (UK)

Kitten Books for Kids (USA)

The Cat the Bat and the Burglar is also available on the Lulu Marketplace and is discounted

From the UK Lulu Market place (also available on other sites):

The Cat the Bat and the Burglar
US Trade Mass market paperback version of the Cat the bat and the Burglar at 25% discount!

The Cat the Bat and the Burglar – A4 Comic Book version
Huge 40% saving on the A4 comic book version of the Cat the Bat and the Burglar. Save over $10!

The Cat, the Bat and the Burglar – Hardback

The Cat, the Bat and the Burglar – the Hardback version of this exquisite book is exclusive to Lulu.

Cat Care and Kitten Care for Kids. – A selection of great kitten care books.

Cat Care and Kitten Care for Kids. – A selection of great kitten care books.
You want your kitten to be your best friend ever, and kittens grow up to be cats too. So how should you look after your kitten? Here are some books to help children understand and care for their pet. All these books are illustrated in color and easy to read.

Kitten Care (Guides for Young Pet Owners)
Kitten Care (Guides for Young Pet Owners) [Hardcover]
This kitten care book is aimed at Grade 5 kids and above. It helps with choosing a kitten, feeding it, understanding behaviour and necessary chores like cleaning its litterbox.

Complete Kitten Care
Complete Kitten Care [Paperback]
Written as a comprehensive guide to a kitten’s new home. Full of facts and tips on feeding, communicating and grooming and interesting cat stories. It talks about shelter versus purebred cats, but remember purebred cats are often abandoned too!

Kitten (ASPCA Pet Care Guides for Kids)
This book aims to teach youngsters how to look after their best new buddy! Suitable for kids aged 7 and up, this book goes into choosing a kitten, feeding, grooming and understanding your kitten’s behaviour.

And last but not least because we are all practical cats, we want to let you know about this book:

This guide to understanding and coping with poor toileting behaviour is something all potential kitten and cat households should read. It is a sad reality that toileting problems are the main reason cats (and kittens) are abandoned or put up for rehoming. Read it first and hopefully you won’t need its advice, but if you do the Jewelry Cats were here to help!