Christmas Kittens and Kitten Books

This year as always there will be Children wanting a Christmas kitten.

Christmas Kittens

Many of these kittens will find good homes with people who understand and love their cats but many will be less fortunate. From the point of view of a tiny kitten, is Christmas really the best time to leave mother? In a house full of loud children, parties and potentially dangerous decorations Christmas can be a frightening and potentially fatal environment. Rampaging children, tipsy adults and poisonous pine needles present a very real danger. Add to that the needs of a new kitten in the midst of food preparation, parties and present giving and the little one could well be forgotten.

A Christmas kitten will be an Easter cat and sadly many cats are abandoned when the reality of this sinks in. These are the homes people prefer not to think about – the ones you see the animal charities talk about. In addition, some particularly despicable people will abandon a senior cat and buy a kitten to replace it! How cruel!

Rescues are often overflowing around this time of year with abandoned animals and while the kittens might find a new home, the senior cats are likely to be put to sleep just for being old. Why not consider adopting a senior or special needs cat? Be sure you know what that would involve however…

The best time to buy a cat or, more particularly, a tiny kitten is when the home will be quiet and the transition easier for the pet. In the meantime, why not buy some kitten books and prepare for the event by reading up on cat care and cat centered toilet training?

How long before I should forgive my wandering mummy?

Dear Felikitty,
Mummy left us all alone with daddy while she went off galavanting with barrs and injuns in Canada. My brother has no dignity and forgave her as soon as he got a catnip fish and some roast chicken. I held out for two days, but have now come for several cuddles. What is the proper length of time for a cat to show her disapproval?
Yours ever,
Dulcie xx

Dear Dulcie,

I am so pleased you have chosen to forgive your mummy quickly. Your brother sounds like a cool felion. Did your mummy give him a Yeowww! stinky? These are actually quite irresistible. I learned many years ago that punishing the humans for their holidays was cutting my tail off to spite my nose. It sounds to me as though your daddy looked after you well while she was away, it’s not as though you were left home alone with twice daily visits, or put into a cage at a cattery. Your mummy came back and cooked chicken too. That has to be some cool mummy!

Enjoy all those cuddles now she is home and rest assured she is as guilty as she should be!


Felikitty xx