Green Cat Jewellery for St Patrick’s Day

Persian Cat with Jade Green Eyes Pendants
Persian Cat with Jade Green Eyes Pendants by MaggieRossCats
Make your own green cat jewellery photo necklace charms at

Green Cat Jewelry Gifts for St Patrick’s Day and All Year Round

I have searched the hills, dales, bogs and enchanted places all the livelong day for some lovely green cat jewelry gifts for St Patrick’s Day.

What do cats have in common with St Patrick?

First of all, all cats are lucky, especially the green variety. Green cats are variously known as Leprecats or Faerie Cats. They are very small and rarely seen except when posing for artisan jewelers and ceramic makers. Secondly, have you not all seen that cats hate the vacuum cleaner? Known in our household as the big hissy, this all consuming snake with a distended stomach is enough to send our cats fleeing for cover and praying for St Paddy to come and drive all the snakes out of our house! Thirdly, they love to roll in the clover and who knows they might just find that four leaved shamrock to bring you the luck of the Irish? So let’s toast the green cat, raise a glass of the water of life to Leprecats, green cat jewellery and the luck of the Irish!

Lucky Green Cat Earrings – Just be careful where they dangle!

Purr-fectly safe for that trip down the pub for Guinness, but watch out for the cat. Shiny things that dangle are not in-paws-ibly dangerous!


Lucky Green cat Jewellery for Her

Beautiful and Cute Cat Jewellery from Zarah

I love the elegant cat designs Zarah produces, but here are some snuggly green cats for those days when you need the purrfect comforter.

green cat jewellery

Lucky Green Cat Jewellery for Him

Lucky Cat Cufflinks

Any man worth his catnip is going to love these.

green cat jewellery cufflinks

Retro Cat - Green Print
Retro Cat – Green Print by pinkpig3
See additional Posters & Art online at Zazzle

Green Cat Jewellery – Necklaces and Pendants

green cat jewellery necklace

Emerald & Diamond Cat Pendant Set in Sterling Silver with an 18 Inch Chain. Free Ball Stud Earrings!

wiccan jewelry cat necklace
.925 Sterling Silver Egyptians Cats Wiccan Symbol Celtic Mystic Spiritual Gold And Silver W Celtic Knot Of Life And Green Emerald Stone Medal Pendant Necklace Comes With A Beautiful 20” Silver Plated Snake Chain

Best rated Cat Jewelry

I hope you will enjoy browsing the very best cat jewelry here:

Best rated and beautiful cat jewelry for women

I love this green cat necklace from Amazon UK!

green cat jewellery

Colour Changing Mood Necklace – Two Cats on The Moon

Here is a selection of top rated cat jewellery from Amazon UK:

Top Rated Cat Jewellery from Amazon UK

I hope you enjoyed today’s offering and here is a toast in lactofree milk to St Paddy banishing the Big Hissy from Cat World!

A Cushion for Kitty

Well, by now I think you will know we sit anywhere we like, but if you were thinking of celebrating your kitty with a cushion, here are some ideas our mummy created to celebrate us!

Cat Cushions with a personal touch

Or perhaps that should read “purrsonal” ? Do you know, there is no such thing as an ugly cat? Well, bearing that in mind, you can create the most beautiful purrsonalised kitty cushions on Zazzle, and that is just what mummy has been doing this week. Let me just show you a few examples:

This cushion celebrates me of course:

The Katma Sutra is a cute little number that will appeal to Himalayan Cat fans.

Cute cats katma sutra throw pillow
Cute cats katma sutra throw pillow by persimew
Browse other pillow designs on Zazzle.

Black Cats Throw Pillow is based on Puddly, a sweet black boy who adopted mummy many years ago:

Black Cats Throw Pillow
Black Cats Throw Pillow by persimew
Look at Black Pillows online at

Marmalade Cat Throw Pillow was inspired by our brother Phyx:

Marmalade Cat Throw Pillow
Marmalade Cat Throw Pillow by persimew
Browse other throw pillow designs on Zazzle.

Buddha Cat is a tiled design based on the incomparable Dharma Cat Photahsiamirabel!

Buddha Cat Tiled Throw Pillow
Buddha Cat Tiled Throw Pillow by persimew
View more Buddha Pillows at

Design your own kitty throw pillow

You can of course design your very own kitty pillows on Zazzle if you like, but there are literally thousands you can enjoy and we are happy to endorse our mummy’s design work should you like to have our portraits on your comfy sofa!

Christmas Kittens and Kitten Books

This year as always there will be Children wanting a Christmas kitten.

Christmas Kittens

Many of these kittens will find good homes with people who understand and love their cats but many will be less fortunate. From the point of view of a tiny kitten, is Christmas really the best time to leave mother? In a house full of loud children, parties and potentially dangerous decorations Christmas can be a frightening and potentially fatal environment. Rampaging children, tipsy adults and poisonous pine needles present a very real danger. Add to that the needs of a new kitten in the midst of food preparation, parties and present giving and the little one could well be forgotten.

A Christmas kitten will be an Easter cat and sadly many cats are abandoned when the reality of this sinks in. These are the homes people prefer not to think about – the ones you see the animal charities talk about. In addition, some particularly despicable people will abandon a senior cat and buy a kitten to replace it! How cruel!

Rescues are often overflowing around this time of year with abandoned animals and while the kittens might find a new home, the senior cats are likely to be put to sleep just for being old. Why not consider adopting a senior or special needs cat? Be sure you know what that would involve however…

The best time to buy a cat or, more particularly, a tiny kitten is when the home will be quiet and the transition easier for the pet. In the meantime, why not buy some kitten books and prepare for the event by reading up on cat care and cat centered toilet training?

Mummy is in the Cat House….

Leaving the cats for three weeks? How dare she! It is all very well that we have the other servant on call and will not be alone, but who is going to keep me warm at night? The girls can be so techy! I am truly a Blue Persian this morning!

Anyway, on the plus side, mummy has discovered this lovely book to read on the flight. (Flight? Who knew humans could fly anyway?) It is about the Dalai Lama’s Cat. So far she says it is the best book she has read in a while, so more on that later.

She had better bring us some good catnip toys!

Pretty Diamond Cat Necklaces

Diamond Cat Necklaces

What could be more purr-fect than a diamond cat necklace? These need not be too expensive either. Santa Paws will hopefully be bringing mummy one of these for Christmouse. First, here are a few diamond cat necklaces from Amazon UK.

Diamond Cat Pendant for Christmas

Cat Necklaces and pendants

See more Cat Necklaces and Cat Pendants here

Kitten Ornaments for Christmas

Kitten Ornaments

The Cream Cards
The Cream Cards by persimew

A kitten for Christmas is something many little girls dream of, and we all know the sad stories of what can happen after Christmas when the money is short and the novelty wears off, but these Christmas kittens will never dent your bank balance or run up the curtains! I have found some of the prettiest Christmas kitten ornaments today to share with you. So with no more ado, let’s Celebrate the Christmas Kitty

A kitten for Christmas

Cat Lovers Tabletop Christmas Decoration: Purr-fect Holiday Tree by The Bradford Exchange
Cat Lovers Tabletop Christmas Decoration: Purr-fect Holiday Tree by The Bradford Exchange
All cat lovers know how fascinated cats and kittens can be with the Christmas Tree.
This delightful figurine has a tree full of Christmas kittens.
I love it!
Cat Lovers Tabletop Christmas Decoration: Purr-fect Holiday Tree by The Bradford Exchange price

Mischievous Kittens #14 2012 Hallmark Ornament
Mischievous Kittens #14 2012 Hallmark Ornament
Hallmark’s 2012 Mischievous Kitten is a little white ball of fluff!
Adorable and with fine attention to detail!
Mischievous Kittens #14 2012 Hallmark Ornament price

Calico Kittens Enesco Our First Christmas Together Ornament
Calico Kittens Enesco Our First Christmas Together Ornament
This one is so cute.
Whether celebrating a first Christmas as a couple, or a first Christmas with Baby, this ornament could be an heirloom.
Calico Kittens Enesco Our First Christmas Together Ornament price

Calico Cat Ornament Tiny Angel Calico Cat Figurine
Calico Cat Ornament Tiny Angel Calico Cat Figurine
Adorable Calico (tortoiseshell) kitty ornament.
This cat angel proves a cat is not just for Christmas!
Calico Cat Ornament Tiny Angel Calico Cat Figurine price

CAT RED Ginger Tabby Short hair MINIATURE Angel Christmas Ornament NEW Resin CTA04
CAT RED Ginger Tabby Short hair MINIATURE Angel Christmas Ornament NEW Resin CTA04
Never forget the orange kitty!
Self proclaimed rulers and gangstas of the Kitty World!
Orange kitties are just such fun!
CAT RED Ginger Tabby Short hair MINIATURE Angel Christmas Ornament NEW Resin CTA04 price

Finally, these gorgeous and mischievous kitten ornaments from Amazon UK prove that a cat is NOT just for Christmas!

Thank you for visiting today, and should you like to see some pretty Crystal cats, feel free to visit A Clowder of Cats

Helping the Feral Cat – and an Obstacle courtesy of inefficient Carriers!

Nimrod is a semi-feral cat He or she (we can’t get close enough to look) loves living wild and appreciates the handouts we give but won’t come near. That causes me heartache – if I could vet Nimrod and give him the all clear he could become an indoor kitty like the three Persimews. No such luck.

This time of year I worry about how cold he must be. We bought him a kennel and that has an internal box insulated with bubble wrap and some old pillows. He likes his house, but with snow approaching I wanted to buy him a Self-Warming Pet Crate Pad to lay on. Amazon to the rescue of course and I decided to try the express delivery.

Then carriers DPD came into the equation. We stayed in – two wide awake adults in a small house, the front door open onto the porch. No knock, no ring, a grunt on the phone so short it didn’t even register a message and an email from DPD saying they couldn’t deliver because we were out. I didn’t know they had even attempted to deliver until I read those emails saying we had been out!

Now I had that problem with DPD once before – they delivered an Ebay parcel to a house the other side of the village with a similar address to mine. I never even knew until the lady phoned me. This time, said lady must have been out or still asleep because they certainly didn’t come here.

When I phoned, what followed was 15 minutes of circular argument. “Our driver knocked, he rang the bell, you were out, he left a card, he waited 5 minutes, he even rang the depot for your number and called you”. Again, and again all we got was defensive mantras backing up the driver’s rather shabby little story… NO WAY could their driver be lying or mistaken. What part of “perhaps he tried the wrong house” didn’t they get???

DPD’s customer service in this instance was so awful I rang Amazon in desperation. I love Amazon – this is the first ever late delivery and usually their things arrive days if not weeks early! The really helpful Amazon assistant got back to them and again, they went talking round in circles to him! Amazon however showed why I personally use them again and again. It is NOT uncommon apparently for carriers to let them down and blame the customers. He refunded my postage plus a little more as compensation for loss of time. On Monday I am to phone again if the parcel has not been delivered.

Nimrod meanwhile has inherited an extra cushion and the double bolster pillow from my bed until his new warmie shows up!


Is there a familiar ring about her paw?

The three wise Persimews are here to ask “Is it just me, or is there a familiar ring about her paw?” Travel the world seeking wisdom as we do and it becomes obvious that the greatest civilizations are those who honour or worship the Cat! This is such a fundamental part of good human behaviour that many will wear a cat ring or two to celebrate their love for all things feline! Our mummy and chief servant of the feline household wrote this page Beautiful Cat Rings celebrating some of those wonderful ideas but we wanted to give you the paws up on a few more kitty rings we feel sure you would enjoy looking at!


If you enjoyed those, you might enjoy looking through some more pretty cat jewelry!

Here are some Cat Necklaces

If Swarovski is your thing, try these lovely Cat Brooches

And last but certainly not least, some Cat Earrings

Have fun, but above all, keep purring!

Dignified Black Cat Figurines….

Once known variously as Puddly or Rufus, it took some time for the humans in my street to recognise my true Divine Being as an incarnation of the Ancient Egyptian Cat God Bastet, for this I forgave them.

During this incarnation they fed me well and I was allowed to dictate who would sit where and who would sleep beside me. That is the greatest part of feline duties, occasionally I would attempt to teach them the intricacies of the hunt, but they were quite useless. Again, I forgave them, especially when they would fill my home with feline icons such as these in A Clowder of Cats and my garden with Angel Cat Statues

Who could not forgive them when they showed such enthusiasm? In the run up to Halloween though, I should remind them of the Universal Divinity of the Black Cat and I have chosen today to showcase some of the best I could find. Nobody can ever content themself with just one cat – many is the prequisite for contentment and good fortune. May these beautiful black cat figurines smile on you and bestow their grace, as does the Maneki Neko Cat!

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