My Cute Funny Valentine Card

my funny valentine

Image of frog (c) Oliver Tadpole and used with permission of Oliver Tadpole and Persimew Designs. All rights reserved. Please do not copy!

My Funny Valentine – Cute Valentine Cards

One of the things I love about Valentines Day is receiving a funny Valentine card – you can get them in shops and online. Cute Valentine cards have always been a personal favourite. Valentines Day in the UK tends to be a bit lovey, or sometimes steamy. I envy the US and Canadian versions that allow for fun, laughs and friendship. Everyone deserves a Valentine card or two or even a Valentine gift even if they are not hot, young and single! I have put together this collection of funny Valentines to help the unwilling bring a smile to the unromantic amongst us. It is not so much anti-Valentine as cute Valentine! Please read on!

Elephant Valentine Cards

An Elephant Never Forgets…

Or so they say… To those who forget Valentine’s Day, an elephant funny valentine card could be a gentle reminder!

Cute little elephants with hearts. So cute – who could say no?

Elephant Valentine Card
Elephant Valentine Card by dchaddad
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Shy little elephant dreams of an elephant sweetheart. Irresistible!

Jungle Love Greeting Cards
Jungle Love Greeting Cards by toddlersplace
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Jungle Love is a very cute card for a child to send – any occasion, including Valentines Day.

This loved up elephant is so sweet, makes such a cute Valentine! Beautiful design!

I love the rose and skateboard!

A valentine postcard has a vintage feel! An elephant NEVER forgets!

And they called it guppy love?

Mermaid Valentine Cards and Guppy Love!

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but these funny valentine cards say you’re the one for me.

For when love is as deep as the ocean – nothing but kissing fishes will do!

There are plenty of fish in the sea dear, BUT… what do fishes say?

Fishy advice cards
Fishy advice cards by Granolafication
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…there are plenty of humans on the land, Mack!

Surfers can be sharks ya know. Better watch out little fishy, ‘cos LOVE BITES!

Sweet little mermaid valentine with little fishies swimming round. Cute!

These little kissing fish are adorable!

When it comes to funny Valentine cards, even the groan worthy are cool with me. This pun made me cringe, but I still couldn’t resist it. More later, when the romantic mood is upon me once more!

My Cute Funny Valentine Card – Part Two

The Frog and the Princess – Fairytales can come true, but…

Sometimes the outcome is a little surprising! These froggy love Valentine cards should make you smile. Why not kiss a frog today? You might discover true love…

Even a frog deserves someone to love him!

Princess knows beauty is not just skin deep!

You gotta love this little frog looking for a bit of magic!

Frogs Cute Happy Hoppy Valentines Day Pink Cards
Frogs Cute Happy Hoppy Valentines Day Pink Cards by HappyWishingWell
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This is just cute!

Valentine Card Greeting Cards
Valentine Card Greeting Cards by cooltees
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Toadly yours? Groan!

Princess and frog card – no comment!

There are just so many and you would do well to explore for yourself. As for me, I hear you asking “Why no Kitty Love cards?” Well, that is a whole topic in itself! See you later unless you kiss the wrong frog.

A Cushion for Kitty

Well, by now I think you will know we sit anywhere we like, but if you were thinking of celebrating your kitty with a cushion, here are some ideas our mummy created to celebrate us!

Cat Cushions with a personal touch

Or perhaps that should read “purrsonal” ? Do you know, there is no such thing as an ugly cat? Well, bearing that in mind, you can create the most beautiful purrsonalised kitty cushions on Zazzle, and that is just what mummy has been doing this week. Let me just show you a few examples:

This cushion celebrates me of course:

The Katma Sutra is a cute little number that will appeal to Himalayan Cat fans.

Cute cats katma sutra throw pillow
Cute cats katma sutra throw pillow by persimew
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Black Cats Throw Pillow is based on Puddly, a sweet black boy who adopted mummy many years ago:

Black Cats Throw Pillow
Black Cats Throw Pillow by persimew
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Marmalade Cat Throw Pillow was inspired by our brother Phyx:

Marmalade Cat Throw Pillow
Marmalade Cat Throw Pillow by persimew
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Buddha Cat is a tiled design based on the incomparable Dharma Cat Photahsiamirabel!

Buddha Cat Tiled Throw Pillow
Buddha Cat Tiled Throw Pillow by persimew
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Design your own kitty throw pillow

You can of course design your very own kitty pillows on Zazzle if you like, but there are literally thousands you can enjoy and we are happy to endorse our mummy’s design work should you like to have our portraits on your comfy sofa!