Mabel The Diabetic Cat a lesson in how to care for a diabetic cat.

Thank you to Mabel and her Secretary Jewels for this lovely article about Mabel. We hope you will share it widely and save some cats!

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How to Look After a Diabetic Cat as told by Mabel the Diabetic Cat

Hello everyone! My name is Mabel. Mabel the Diabetic Cat. As you can see I am quite a splendid and very beautiful cat and I am here to tell you how to look after a diabetic cat. You know, I have been told I somewhat resemble a bobcat. I like that. All kitties have a wild cat hiding inside! What you can’t see is that I am a special needs cat – a cat with diabetes in fact. I am going to share my story of being a Diabetic Cat with you. I know that cats with health issues can be a bit of a challenge, but special needs cats have lots of love to share! Come read my story and maybe you all will learn something new about cats with diabetes. I hope you will all see why diabetic cats make great pets and friends! Are you sitting comfortably? Good! Then we shall begin…

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How to look after a Diabetic Cat – Mabel’s History

Before I tell you what it’s like to be a diabetic cat, and how to look after a diabetic cat, I thought you might like to know a little about me. I’m a very interesting kitty! I was born July of 1998. That makes me 16 this year! I lived in four different homes before I came to live with my forever family. Some of those homes weren’t very nice and it made me very shy. The last home I had before this one loved me, but I was still such a shy kitty that I spent most of my time in the basement rafters. When I came to live in my forever home with my little brother Peekaboo, and my older sister Mojo, I was not a very happy cat. My new mommy said I could take all the time I needed to get used to my new family. At this point no one knew how sick I was. Mommy let me live under a couch for a long time. She is a very nice mommy and made sure I had lots of good food and didn’t force me to be sociable. I eventually did become happy again, and I love my mommy very much now! She says I’m her best girl!

Luxury Bedding for a Diabetic Cat
Any kitty worth her whiskers likes to have an assortment of sleeping places to chose from. I wonder if I can convince mommy to let me go shopping! Maybe one with a canopy?


Mabel 4

Mabel the Diabetic Cat Gets Sick – Mabel’s Upset Tummy

My family noticed that I often had a very upset tummy. I spent a lot of time visiting the litter box. We tried lots of different kinds of foods and discovered I had Irritable Bowels due to food intolerances! What is a kitty to do? We eventually found out that the only meat I can have that doesn’t upset my delicate tummy is chicken. I can’t even have fish! I’m ok with salmon oil, but other fishies make me very sick. That doesn’t make my brothers and sisters very happy. Twice a day I get nice chicken cat food. Mommy has a terrible time trying to find food that is safe for me to eat. We still can’t figure out why they put all kinds of other meats in the can when the can says Chicken!

Feeding a Diabetic Cat – Some Foods Mabel Has Tried

I can eat some of these things, but I still have to check the labels! Now where is the chicken!


Mabel 5

Mabel Gets Diagnosed With Diabetes – Mabel Gets Very Sick

I was doing very well with my new diet and was becoming a very happy little girl. Then one day I collapsed. Mommy was very scared and didn’t know what had happened to me. I was rushed to my doctor and after some tests was told I was very sick with Diabetes. My blood sugars were dangerously high. I was so frightened! I didn’t know what Diabetes meant really. I knew one of my new sisters had it and she had died because of it. I had to stay in the hospital for a week. I was lonely and scared. I thought I had done something wrong and had been abandoned again. Then my mommy came to visit me in the hospital. We were so happy to see each other! The nurses took very good care of me, but I wanted my mommy. I tried very hard to get well enough to be able to go home. I sat very still when the doctor checked my blood several times a day to make sure I was getting better. Eventually I was well enough to go home, but I was still very sick.

Mabel says please look after your diabetic cat, we can live a long time and we are just as loving as healthy kitties!

Do you have a diabetic cat?

If your cat’s behaviour is different please check for diabetes

Please check these sites if you think your cat might have symptoms of diabetes.
Please do it before the cat crashes, like I did.
Diabetes is easier to treat if caught early.

Living With A Diabetic Cat – Symptoms Of Feline Diabetes

Common Symptoms of a Diabetic Cat

Diabetes in Cats – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Learning To Live With Diabetes – I Hate My Medicine!

When I was allowed to go home I had new medicine to take. Mommy had to give me insulin injections twice a day! I didn’t like that. I kept trying to hide from my medicine. Mommy said I needed it to keep me from getting sick again. I didn’t like my needles, they hurt and made me feel strange. First I had to change my food, and now I had to get needles! I felt very sorry for myself. The doctor wanted me to try Diabetic Cat food, but they all upset my tummy. We also really learned that I can’t have fishy at all, except salmon oil. One of my favourite treats was tuna water, but it makes my blood sugar go way too high! I had to go for regular check ups to make sure the Diabetes wasn’t getting worse. We also had to try a few different kinds of insulin. I have to be on a combination of injecting insulin and a pill for it to work properly.

Mabel the Diabetic Cat

Five Years and Still Going! – Mommy’s Best Girl
It took a long time for me to get used to being Diabetic. It was hard not being able to have all the treats I like and I get very itchy from having too much sugar in my blood. I am a very good kitty now for my medicine. You might not believe this but it’s true! Mommy tells me it’s time for medicine and after a little coaxing I come out of my bed. Then I sit nicely in front of mommy and she says it’s pill time. Mommy tells me to open my mouth and I do! In goes the pill and I swallow. Then mommy says it’s time for medicine, that’s what she calls my insulin. I get a little shoulder rub and quick as a whisker I get my injection! It took us two years to get it all sorted nice and easy like that. I know now that my insulin makes me feel better so I am a good girl for it. That’s why mommy says I’m her Best Girl! I hope you all learned a little about what a great friend a Diabetic Cat can be. Give us a chance and we might just surprise you!

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