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Maneki Neko Cat

Cute Maneki Neko Cat Gifts And Novelties

These gifts are so cute, I can’t resist them, can you? The lucky cats here are fun and inexpensive and have the added benefit of Feng Shui attributes. In other words a Maneki Neko cat will bring you good fortune as well as a smile or two! We bought a gold Maneki Neko cat figurine for Tadpole’s sister this Christmas and it certainly won the prize for laughs and smiles. We hope she is monitoring her lottery tickets carefully too as its battery powered arm goes up and down furiously. I put this page of lucky cat gifts and novelties together to cheer me up too as my personal circumstances have kept me away from here for too long. I needed a bright and cheerful subject to contemplate. So please bring on the happy kitties, a little kitty powered Feng Shui and a dose of good fortune for anyone who visits this page.

Maneki Neko: The Tale of the Beckoning Cat

The tale of a poor monk and his little cat Tama, and how Tama saved the life of a great Samurai. A wonderful telling of the legend of the beckoning cat and how it came to be a good luck symbol.

As you can see in the poster, Maneki neko cats come in different colours, and wave different paws. These variations in colour and pose have specific and different meanings. To learn more, just click on the safe links below.

Learn more about Maneki Neko cats from Wikipedia

Link to Sushi Cat’s list of meanings

Cute Maneki Neko Posters from Zazzle- Delightful Illustrations

To see more about the artists or to buy these posters, just click on the image.

A Perfect Glass of Pinot Noir Print
A Perfect Glass of Pinot Noir Print by 3catsgraphics
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A Pleasing Glass of Pinot Grigio Print
A Pleasing Glass of Pinot Grigio Print by 3catsgraphics
See additional Posters & Art online at Zazzle

Maneki Neko – 4 Sets of Roly Poly Mini Cats Display Set (#7320)

Maneki Neko – 4 Sets of Roly Poly Mini Cats Display Set (#7320)
These roly poly Maneki neko cats make a fun and hardwearing toy that will bring a smile to children of ALL ages from 2 to 102.

Lavender Ceramic Maneki Neko Lucky Cat #KT6-LC is a delightfully smiley and sleepy roly poly kitten who will remind all cat lovers exactly how to relax and enjoy life.

Japanese Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Coin Purse Bag #22408-8

What better way to guard your fortune than with this sweet little Maneki Neko Cat Purse! Little girls will love this pretty cat gift.

Sushi Maneki Neko Print
Sushi Maneki Neko Print by samack
See another museum poster on

Lucky Black and Cute White Maneki Neko Cats – Black and White Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Gifts and Novelties

This little black roly poly maneki neko cat figurine represents happiness and will make you smile.

This is just so cute! This little cat is waving BOTH arms for good measure!

This delightful Japanese Lucky Cat doubles as a novelty tea cup – just turn the maneki neko cat upside down.

Maneki Neko Cat Clocks – Maneki Neko Clocks

Maneki Neko Cat Clocks are perennially popular with all, they make the ideal novelty wall clock and are fun for kitchens, living rooms or the kid’s bedrooms.

Please leave a message for the Maneki Neko Cats – Who hope to bring you good fortune.

This is my happy face, but a Maneki Neko Cat would make me smile.

Blue Persian Wall Clock
Blue Persian Wall Clock by persimew
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Chancing your luck….

The Cat, the Bat and the Owl Posters
The Cat, the Bat and the Owl Posters by persimew

Lucky black cats? This time of year black cats get a lot of press coverage don’t they? Some say they are lucky, some say just the opposite, but on the subject of luck there are lots of experts and no real substance. The Cat, the Bat and the Owl are here to remind you of a few basic things, and to show you a few pretty things too, as is our job…

Bastet Pendant - Collectible Medallion Necklace Accessory Jewelry
Bastet Pendant – Collectible Medallion Necklace Accessory Jewelry
Bastet – Egyptian Cat God… If you love black cats you’ll adore this!
Bastet Pendant - Collectible Medallion Necklace Accessory Jewelry price

Luck is very much to do with Gratitude A grateful person looks at life in a particularly positive way. They are likely to be prepared to seize opportunities that would frighten others, they expect success because they perceive themselves as successful and because they view life in a positive way others see them in a positive way. Perhaps what others see is luck then is merely perception? If you are interested in the power of positivity and you like poetry, this book might be something you enjoy!

Other people design their lives and homes around lucky objects, like these Maneki Neko Cats It may be that doing so increases their confidence so they they can trust that all important intuition. Ever had a feeling about not going out? Mummy has a couple of times – once she ignored that feeling and wrote her car off, another time when she wanted to leave work she kept inexplicably finding excuses just to hang around and she left 15 minutes later than usual. On the way home she saw where an overturned car had slid across the road and taken out a solid wall! Later she found out this happened at the time she would normally have been driving along that road. Had she followed her usual habit of leaving right on time she would have probably been injured, possibly even killed.

So intuition may in fact be something else… Why not? All time coexists after all!

On that note, leaving you with a few lucky cats!

Japanese sake set Fortune cat maneki neko Blk
Japanese sake set Fortune cat maneki neko Blk
Delightful Japanese sake set decorated with fortune cats. Bring your guests good luck at the end of a meal!
Japanese sake set Fortune cat maneki neko Blk price

Stone Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Sculpture
Stone Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Sculpture
This little cat reminds us of Woolls – we were so lucky to have Woolls in our lives!
Stone Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Sculpture price

StealStreet Maneki Neko Money Lucky Cat Chinese Japanese Statue
StealStreet Maneki Neko Money Lucky Cat Chinese Japanese Statue
How could you look at that little guy and not feel positive> What a cute face he has!
StealStreet Maneki Neko Money Lucky Cat Chinese Japanese Statue

Dignified Black Cat Figurines….

Once known variously as Puddly or Rufus, it took some time for the humans in my street to recognise my true Divine Being as an incarnation of the Ancient Egyptian Cat God Bastet, for this I forgave them.

During this incarnation they fed me well and I was allowed to dictate who would sit where and who would sleep beside me. That is the greatest part of feline duties, occasionally I would attempt to teach them the intricacies of the hunt, but they were quite useless. Again, I forgave them, especially when they would fill my home with feline icons such as these in A Clowder of Cats and my garden with Angel Cat Statues

Who could not forgive them when they showed such enthusiasm? In the run up to Halloween though, I should remind them of the Universal Divinity of the Black Cat and I have chosen today to showcase some of the best I could find. Nobody can ever content themself with just one cat – many is the prequisite for contentment and good fortune. May these beautiful black cat figurines smile on you and bestow their grace, as does the Maneki Neko Cat!

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