Green Cat Jewellery for St Patrick’s Day

Persian Cat with Jade Green Eyes Pendants
Persian Cat with Jade Green Eyes Pendants by MaggieRossCats
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Green Cat Jewelry Gifts for St Patrick’s Day and All Year Round

I have searched the hills, dales, bogs and enchanted places all the livelong day for some lovely green cat jewelry gifts for St Patrick’s Day.

What do cats have in common with St Patrick?

First of all, all cats are lucky, especially the green variety. Green cats are variously known as Leprecats or Faerie Cats. They are very small and rarely seen except when posing for artisan jewelers and ceramic makers. Secondly, have you not all seen that cats hate the vacuum cleaner? Known in our household as the big hissy, this all consuming snake with a distended stomach is enough to send our cats fleeing for cover and praying for St Paddy to come and drive all the snakes out of our house! Thirdly, they love to roll in the clover and who knows they might just find that four leaved shamrock to bring you the luck of the Irish? So let’s toast the green cat, raise a glass of the water of life to Leprecats, green cat jewellery and the luck of the Irish!

Lucky Green Cat Earrings – Just be careful where they dangle!

Purr-fectly safe for that trip down the pub for Guinness, but watch out for the cat. Shiny things that dangle are not in-paws-ibly dangerous!


Lucky Green cat Jewellery for Her

Beautiful and Cute Cat Jewellery from Zarah

I love the elegant cat designs Zarah produces, but here are some snuggly green cats for those days when you need the purrfect comforter.

green cat jewellery

Lucky Green Cat Jewellery for Him

Lucky Cat Cufflinks

Any man worth his catnip is going to love these.

green cat jewellery cufflinks

Retro Cat - Green Print
Retro Cat – Green Print by pinkpig3
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Green Cat Jewellery – Necklaces and Pendants

green cat jewellery necklace

Emerald & Diamond Cat Pendant Set in Sterling Silver with an 18 Inch Chain. Free Ball Stud Earrings!

wiccan jewelry cat necklace
.925 Sterling Silver Egyptians Cats Wiccan Symbol Celtic Mystic Spiritual Gold And Silver W Celtic Knot Of Life And Green Emerald Stone Medal Pendant Necklace Comes With A Beautiful 20” Silver Plated Snake Chain

Best rated Cat Jewelry

I hope you will enjoy browsing the very best cat jewelry here:

Best rated and beautiful cat jewelry for women

I love this green cat necklace from Amazon UK!

green cat jewellery

Colour Changing Mood Necklace – Two Cats on The Moon

Here is a selection of top rated cat jewellery from Amazon UK:

Top Rated Cat Jewellery from Amazon UK

I hope you enjoyed today’s offering and here is a toast in lactofree milk to St Paddy banishing the Big Hissy from Cat World!