Vintage Goebel Birds For Gifts

Vintage Goebel Birds - Horned Owl

We Persimews often get a bad rap because we love birds. Well, what is wrong with that? Who doesn’t love birds? We call them meals on wings – for very good reason – although being precious Persimews, we are not allowed out hunting for fear we might be abducted or hurt in an accident. So frustrating to sit in the window and watch them sing and flap about, but at least we are not staring at birds on the plasma screen!

Mummy Likes To Buy Vintage Goebel Birds

Today mummy is jubilant! She has been on the Ebay thingy and guess what, she has been buying Vintage Goebel Birds at auction. To us, vintage Goebel birds have about as much allure as a tennis racket without a ball. You can’t eat them, you can’t chase them, and if you dab them with the velvet paw and they fall down they don’t even fly away. They just make a strange tinkly sound and the humans get watery eyes and go sulky for a while. At least my human does, but she is never sulky for long, never shouts at us and usually forgives us quickly and kisses us right away (UGH! HUMAN SPIT ALERT!)

Mummy doesn’t buy Vintage Goebel Birds for us though. She buys them, examines them to make sure they are good and then wraps them up in shiny paper again. I have been listening and I am pretty sure she gives them to our Auntie Ordinary, who is neither Auntie, nor Ordinary, but Extraordinary Audrey who is the Kitty Mummy’s own mummy. She must be a sort of cat because she loves birds, but she doesn’t look much like a cat to me.

Vintage Goebel Birds Make Great Birthday Gifts

Kitty mummy has been most busy this week buying Vintage Goebel Birds for Auntie Ordinary’s Bird Day. She has managed to buy a Greenfinch, two bluetits on a branch and a delightful barn owl ALL on E-mew-bay…. Yes, maybe a bit of a risk, but so far she is happy with her Bird Day pressies. We are sure Auntie Ordinary will love them even if they are not as much fun as REAL birds!

Thank you for visiting the Persimews today to learn about Vintage Goebel Birds!

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